Edictum censoris de censu anni MMDCCLX

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The purpose of the 2007 Census of Nova Roma was to effectively determine who is and who is not an active citizen. Multiple attempts were made to contact citizens and those who responded were counted and those who did not respond have had their status changed to disappeared. The results of the Census are broken down by status, order, and gender. Status being Assidui, a tax payer; Capite Censi, a non-tax payer; and minor, a citizen who has not yet reached eighteen years of age. Additional analysis of the census material will be done at a later date to include provincial breakdown and trends.


Active Nova Roma Citizens: 718

Citizens by Status

35% Assidui – 62% Capite Censi – 3% Minor.

  • Assidui: 250. 35% of our total citizenry are Assidui.
  • Capite Censi: 446. 62% of our total citizenry are Capite Censi.
  • Minor: 22. 3% of our total citizenry are Minores.

Citizens by Order

19% Patrician – 81% Plebeians.

  • Patricians: 138. 19% of total citizenry are Patrican..
    • Patrician Assidui: 67. 49% of all Patricians are Assidui.
    • Patrician Capite Censi: 65. 47% of all Patricians are Capite Censi.
    • Patrician Minores: 6. 4% of all Patricians are Minores.
  • Plebeians: 580. 81% of total citizenry are Plebeian.
    • Plebeian Assidui: 183. 31% of all Plebeians are Assidui.
    • Plebeian Capite Censi: 381. 66% of all Plebeians are Capite Censi.
    • Plebeian Minores: 16. 3% of all Plebeians are Minores.

Citizens by Gender

81% Male – 19% Female.

  • Male: 585. 81% of total citizenry are Male.
    • Male Assidui: 187. 32% of all male citizens are Assidui.
    • Male Capite Censi: 382. 65% of all male citizens are Capite Censi.
    • Male Minores: 16. 3% of all male citizens are minors.
  • Female: 133.
    • Female Assidui: 63. 47% of all female citizens are Assidui.
    • Female Capite Censi: 64. 48% of all female citizens are Capite Censi.
    • Female Minores: 6. 5% of all female citizens are minors.

Organization of the Census

The census was organized and conducted under the supervision of Censor Caeso Fabius Buteo Modianus along with his colleague Censor Marcus Octavius Gracchus with the assistance of four primary scribae: Marca Hortensia Maior, Marcus Moravius Piscinus Horatianus, Gnaeus Equitius Marinus, and Gnaeus Cornelius Lentulus. Support assistance came from the rest of the censorial staff: Marcus Curiatius Complutensis, Marcus Iulius Severus, Titus Flavius Aquila, Titus Arminius Genialis, and Publius Constantinus Placidus. Additional assistance was provided by the provincial governors and their assistance is very much appreciated.

Conducting the Census

The census was conducted on many levels. An initial edict was issued in late October calling for the citizens to respond to the census. On two separate occasions mass e-mail was sent to every citizen who had not responded to the census. Between these two mass e-mails, generated through the Nova Roma database by Censor & Magister Arenearius Marcus Octavius Gracchus , non-responsive citizens were contacted directly by Censor Caeso Fabius Buteo Modianus through a new e-mail account established specifically for the census (census.novaroma@...) . Additionally, provincial governors were asked directly by Censor Caeso Fabius Buteo Modianus to participate in conducting the census and that too generated response.

Lex Popillia Senatoria

Per section I.a of Lex Popillia senatoria the maximum number of senatores shall be 38.


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