Election MMDCCLXIV (Nova Roma)/Gaius Aemilius Crassus

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CIV-Gaius Aemilius Crassus.jpg Gaius Aemilius Crassus

Candidate for Consul.
Album Civium

C. Aemilius Crassus omnibus SPD,

I come to you to present my candidacy to Praetor in the upcoming elections.

I'm 40 years old, from Portugal and have served Nova Roma as Diribitor, scriba to Aedilis Curulis Cn. Iulius Caesar and Tribunus Plebis and I am Lictor of Nova Roma. I believe to have performed all my duties honorably and well in these positions.

In my view the Praetores have as main duties:

- To maintain and moderate the Nova Roma Main List and the Forum Hospitum.

I think the model used this year worked very well and I propose to maintain the Edictum and the moderation as it is.

- To maintain and update the Tabularium.

Here I will not propose any change directly but in my opinion the Tabularium is a mess. Even not counting with some leges of which the original text was lost there are, in my opinion, several problems.

New leges modify old ones making extremely hard to know what is in force or not. The Praetor can't do much here unless ask the legislating Magistrate to rescind the old lex and make a new one from the start. I think I have asked that to all new leges proposals but to no avail, hopefully if elected Praetor there will more chance to be heard.

To accommodate the problem above in the Tabularium and in certain leges doesn't appear the original text but the text with the several amends. In my opinion this is wrong, the text should be exactly as the one voted by the comitia without any alteration, not even to correct spelling.

I think the problem should be solved by a SC giving the guidelines to all Magistrates and Praetores and not by the personal taste of each Praetor. Giving the next year will be a very busy one for sure if elected I don't think I will try to propose anything to the Senate concerning this matter but will publish the leges as they were voted and ask anyone who is proposing new legislation to simple rescind old one.

The true is Nova Roma has too much and too complicate legislation for her dimension.

- To administrate justice.

Hopefully there will be no need. But if there will be I intend to follow the leges to the letter. If elected I too consider that any case needs to prove is necessity and will try very hard to solve the matter without a court.

I don't agree with what some people have state on this matter and in my opinion the Magistrates with power to issue Edicta can legislate by Edicta. But those Edicta are subject and over ranked by all passed Collegia Decreta, laws, constitution and subject to superior, same rank and Tribuni vetos. If any of these fails the Edicta is void.

- To organize the Ludi Apollinares in name of Nova Roma.

With the help of many people I did organized the Ludi Ceriales this year so I have a little experience on Ludi organization and I am confident to be able to do the Ludi Apollinares jointly with the other elected Praetor.

If elected I will try to work with all other Magistrates and officers of Nova Roma. If agreement can not be reached then the constitution and leges give the exact precedence order.

I am at your disposal to answer any question any citizen may have.

Di vos incolumes custodiant.
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