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CIV-Statia Cornelia Valeriana Iuliana Aeternia.jpg Statia Cornelia Valeriana Iuliana Aeternia

Candidate for Praetor.
Album Civium

Sta. Cornelia Aeternia Omnibusque S.P.D.

From observation there seems to be three obstacles that Praetors face outside of smaller various tasks that are also assigned with this position.

First the moderation of our Main Forum, secondly the often confusing nature of word interpretation of our Constitution, which as elected Praetor which will include contributing to any debates and assisting in the review of any proposals to repair the Constitution, and thirdly dealing with any potential trials that would fall under the current legal system of Nova Roma.

The first item, the moderation of the Main Forum. As I have observed during this year, the moderation edict and methods applied by this year's praetors seems quite effective. It balances a light hand with the responsibility to behave appropriately. My intention is to continue in their footsteps and I would apply the same effective methods. As many of you have observed this year through the deliverance of this year’s Ludi, I am quite capable of running a Cohors. Outside of the Censors Office, the Aedilician Cohors was the second busiest Cohors within Nova Roma, so the running the Praetura is well within my scope of competence.

Secondly regarding the Constitution, the interpretation of it requires not only input from the Praetors, but also involves the Consuls, Censors, and Tribunes. It is my intent to encourage a liaison of contact between all of the involved Magistrates as mentioned above so that in times when interpretation is required there can be available to the magistrate concerned, if they so wish, a full range of opinions.

Last but not least Trials, which is a unfortunate aspect that dwells within Nova Roma. Until there is a change within the legal system process for trials and prosecutions, they have to be administered in a fair, expedient and just manner. That means conducting any trial according to the law of Nova Roma as it is written per the Lex Salicia Iudicaria and Lex Salicia Poenalis. Although again following in the footsteps of one of the current Praetors, all prospective litigants should be aware that upon successful election. I will make the responsibility of the person commencing the prosecution to work hard to just get his or her case accepted, and I will encourage alternative routes in lieu of a trial, and to offer mediation or arbitration such disputes outside of a formal trial process, if all parties willingly agree to it.

The position of Praetor is a grave one. It can impact people's lives in Nova Roma, through moderation, trials etc. The rather lighthearted and fun approach that I brought to the office of Curule Aedile is not that which the office of Praetor demands. What worked as an approach and demeanor for planning, promoting and executing the ludi in the Aedilician Cohors will not work for the praetura. It demands gravitas, as some were good enough to remind me ;) and gravitas it will get from me if elected. We all have our own perception of how to integrate Romanitas into our lives, and yes my approach is sometimes more lighthearted than some may at times appreciate, but we each own our Romanitas and we each find our own path. Not every ancient Roman was some rigid little stick-in-the-mud. They did have the capacity to laugh, crack a joke and be lighthearted.

If any are concerned that the practices in other groups I have belonged to in the past (such as the SCA), or do now belong to, in anyway influence how I see Nova Roma, do not be. I am above all, and always have been, dedicated to the founding principles of our republican Nova Roma. A fair, just and republican Nova Roma is what I stand for and those principles are what, if elected as Praetor, I will see discharged through the praetura.

As to some of the other concerns, presents and paying taxes, the first was a thank you for all the hard effort the members of the cohors put in during this year, and the second was to help Nova Roma's Treasury as much as to help the individuals. Seriously, that doesn't "buy" anything and it is sad people might think that, but I cannot control their thoughts. They will think what they will of me.

I have always been ready to serve and assist Nova Roma. That I do it with the odd giggle, a bit of fun, may irritate some people and that I accept, but I am not going to try to change who I am, and nor should anyone. If I were not to get elected I still wouldn't change. I would rather be genuinely "me" and take my knocks for it if that is what the electorate think, than a plastic version just pretending to be something I am not. Take me or leave me. I am who I am. No one in Nova Roma who has been "involved" can safely throw stones inside our little glasshouse.

I ask for your support during this election, and Bona Fortuna to all the candidates across the board.

Vale Optime bene,

Statia Cornelia Aeternia
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