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CIV-Vibius Valerius Volusus.jpg Vibius Valerius Volusus

Candidate for Tribunus plebis.
Album Civium

V. Valerius Volusus concilio plebis quiritibusque sal.

As much as I enjoy writing long and florid posts, I intend to make this statement as short and concise as possible. This is an important election at a critical time in the history of Nova Roma and I strongly encourage and urge my fellow citizens to participate and let your voice be heard.

I do not believe that I am the best candidate to stand before you and there are many others in our community with more experience and greater wisdom than I. There are many things that I lack and there are plenty of good reasons to oppose my candidacy. Why then would I have the gall to step forward and ask you to elect me to undertake such important responsibilities?

Nova Roma has had it's ups and downs, controversies, battles, divisions and factions. We have a long record of nominal office holders: seat-warmers, who are elected to office only to disappear; as if the concept of transparent government was a sequel to "The Invisible Man". I would rather see opaque government: visible, proactive, motivated, engaged and responsive government. That is what we need: not reluctant administrators, but passionate individuals who have a vision of Nova Roma thriving as a community, fulfilling the promise that first brought us all before her gates.

We face many challenges this coming year, but also opportunities. This year we have seen a reduction in active membership, faced problems with voting systems and other aspects of our web information systems and some mass defections with threats of sabotage. However, the voting and web systems issues have been, or can be, resolved. The defections only reduced numbers and there has been very little substantial backdraft felt from that. Now we need to put the past behind us and focus on enhancing the "user experience" within our community and rebuild our numbers.

I seek office, not as a means of gaining undeserved honors, but to serve in a meaningful way to help bring Nova Roma into a new era of growth and prosperity. This means engaging with my fellow citizens and drawing upon the shared hopes and aspirations of our community. If I bring nothing to this office, I think that I can bring a can-do and will-do attitude, sanity, fairness and a collaborative, non-partisan approach to Nova Roman politics.

Finally, I would be remiss in failing to provide a short bio for those who do not know me already:

I am 43 years old and an established self-employed software engineer with over 25 years professional experience. I have served on numerous boards and committees, including educational board of directors and non-profit fundraising committees. My Roman interests are quite broad: covering philosophy and rhetoric, literature and poetry, history and law, engineering, etc. I am a poor Latinist, since I had to temporarily suspend my studies with Magistra Scholastica this year, but I continue to have an enduring interest in Latin and Koine Greek. I am a citizen of the United Kingdom, but have lived over 14 years in the United States, in and around the Capitol. I currently reside in Northern Thailand with my wife and children.

Please feel free to ask me any further questions. I will be happy reply to all questions, though answers will be posted only on the Comitia Plebis Tributa list, in accordance with instruction to reduce election traffic on the Main List.

Thank you for your time and attention... and, oh yes, please support me with your vote!

Valete bene,

V. Valerius Volusus
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