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Unknown Citizen.jpg Gaius Terentius Varro

Candidate for diribitor.
Album Civium

C. Terentius Varro S. P. D.

Today I publicly announce my decision to stand for election to the office of diribitor. Few things are more important in the life of the Res Publica than the integrity and efficiency of her elections.

In my macronational career I have served as a public official responsible for the counting and certification of votes, and later in another office where I was responsible for the oversight and management of entire elections.

I understand the importance of timeliness and accuracy in the process of vote counting and pledge my best efforts to faithfully execute all the duties of this office if elected.

I ask for your vote.

Any questions may be directed to me at my private e-mail address. I will answer every one as quickly as possible.

Optime valete.

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