Election MMDCCLXI (Nova Roma)/Gaius Tullius Valerianus Germanicus

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CIV-Gaius Tullius Valerianus Germanicus.jpg Gaius Tullius Valerianus Germanicus

Candidate for rogator.
Album Civium

GAIUS TULLIUS VALERIANUS OMNIBUS CIVIBUS ROMANIS S.P.D. Avete atque salvete, cives! I stand before you in the Forum Romanum in my toga candida to announce that I wish to stand for the office of Rogator!

Some of you know me. I have been a citizen since June of MMDCCLIII (2000 C.E.), which was also the year I began my macronational career as a Latin teacher. I am a Latinist, a cultor deorum, and I am now serving as the legatus for the Regio of Rhode Island in the province of Nova Britannia. I have been able to recruit at least one new citizen for my regio, and hope to do more to bring life and vitality back to my tiny regio.

I am seeking the first step on my cursus honorum, the office of Rogator. Processing applications for citizenship is a important task, as the citizens of Nova Roma are its life. I look forward to working with the office of the censors in this vital undertaking. You know that I shall always be a faithful supporter of Nova Roma, and I hope that I can count on the support of all good citizens!

Curate ut valeatis, omnes! C. TULLIUM VALERIANUM ROGATOREM O.V.F. (Oro Vos Faciatis)(I ask that you make Gaius Tullius Valerianus your Rogator!)

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