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CIV-Gnaeus Equitius Marinus.jpg Gnaeus Equitius Marinus

Candidate for praetor.
Album Civium

Salvete Quirites,

I have decided to stand for the office of Praetor for next year. I do this after many years of experience as a praetorian scribe, helping praetors to carry out their duties over the course of the last five years. Additionally, during my consular year I was left with no active praetors and had to assume the duties of the praetors in addition to my consular duties for some months until a praetor suffectus could be elected. Therefore I feel I am well qualified to do the job.

Those of you who've been around Nova Roma for a while will know I have served our Republic in a number of other offices. I have been Rogator, and Quaestor, and twice Curule Aedile. I have been Consul and Censor. Additionally I have been a consular accensus to four consuls, and have served as a scribe to numerous magistrates, and a Lictor of the Comitia Curiata over the course of my years in Nova Roma.

The principle job of our praetors in Nova Roma is insuring an atmosphere of civility in our fora while maintaining the free flow of public discourse. I intend to continue the policies put in place this year by Praetors Complutensis and Severus next year. I think those policies have served our community well.

I hope you will vote for me.



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