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CIV-Lucius Gratius Nerva.jpg Lucius Gratius Nerva

Candidate for quaestor.
Album Civium


Salvete Quirites, Salvete Citizens of Nova Roma and Provincia Brasilia I´m here donning the toga candida for the honour of Nova Roma and the citizens to present my candidacy for the quaestor magistrate position in MMDCCLXII electionsPeople know me as Lucius Gratius Nerva, the Scriba Ludorum of Provincia Brasilia.

I´ve been a citizen of Nova Roma for the last 3 years. I´m 32 years old and assidui for this year. Since i became a citizen i´ve learned to love my province and tried to find ways of helping my friends, citizens to make our province grow.

I´m coordinating a reenactment group of gladiatorial fights wich I named LUDUS MAGNUS and i´m planning to organize the first “gladiatorial games” of provincia Brasilia. I´m also organizing the first regional meeting of our province where we expect to gather some of our citizes together for the very first time to celebrate the roman culture, watch the gladiatorial fights and exchange ideas to turn our province into a very active group.

As a Quaestor i seek for knowledge and experience, willing to learn and use everything for the good of Nova Roma, I believe that a strong province will make Nova Roma even stronger.

Some of my projects are. - Find ways to increase the number of members of our province

- Create the first Legion of Provincia Brasilia and raise resources for it - Find ways of Improving the communication between our members

I Promise to do my best to achieve these goals if you vote me.


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