Election MMDCCLXI (Nova Roma)/Publius Memmius Albucius

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CIV-Publius Memmius Albucius.jpg Publius Memmius Albucius

Candidate for praetor.
Album Civium

Quirites !

I have the honor to put between you hands, Quirites, my candidacy for Praetor
2762 auc / 2009 cc.

Because I have wished, all along these years, respecting step by step the Cursus Honorum which our Ancients had built, I am weighing how important is this moment, and the trust that I am requesting of you.

After having served the Plebs as one of the most active tribunes in Nova Roma history,
I have then been quaestor and currently ending my aedilis curulis term.

You probably know the energy that I have put at the service of the Republic in this central magistracy in Nova Roma 10th birthday year. Thanks to the support of a determined and united team, I have been able to assume, alone, after Hon. Sext. Lucilius Tutor resigned, the whole aedilitas weight. The usual Games have been celebrated, and six extra Ludi will have been given to you, Quirites, before the end of this year. Last about the games, I had the honor helping Hon. praetor Severus to have the Ludi Apollinares done last July.

In the field of public estates, and with the active support brought by Consul maior M. Moravius Piscinus Horatianus, the question of the public real estates and their management has been solved and given an end thanks a Senate vote. In the Market one, censors and consuls have been seized since last Spring about the necessary reform of our rules relative to our official sellers, the Equites. Magna Mater project has been reactivated, a program proposed and finances are to be proposed to the Senate in the coming weeks. The development of our conventus have been supported, and specially the creation of a North-American one.

Though reserved, by principle, on the fact that a magistrate be at the same time the assistant (scriba, etc.) of another one, I have exceptionally accepted, this year, to enter current 2761 praetors' team. This interesting term has thus given me an experience that will be useful for praetorship.

Senator of our Res Publica and governor of one of its eldest provinces, Gallia, I am a lawyer that has defended legal cases in courts. People say that I am a hard worker, and always available for Rome. I think, and my tribunician experience has shown it, being one the most able of yours able to know, interpret and apply Nova Roma's law in the frame of a pretorian office. My public statements, on the Forum, in the Senate, or in each of the central or provincial magistracies that I have been brought to fulfill, shows my moral integrity and a constant worry to defend the citizen, the Law, and the high idea that I have of Rome.

Still delighted in thinking that I will have, if it is the will of the People, the honor sharing the praetorship with my elder collega Senator and Censorius G. Equitius Marinus, I wish guaranteeing our team a complementary approach of the way we will manage our discussing places, as our Forum. My intention will then be to conciliate the two characteristics which are currently our Forum's ones: at the same time a meeting and exchanging place for all romanities, and also the public place where meet Nova Roma citizens devoted, through their involvment as Novi Romani itself, to the key values displayed by the Roman republic and relayed, among others, by the daily working of our State, and its various civil and religious institutions.

Thanks for keeping for me, through your vote for Praetor 2762, your confidence, Quirites !

Valete omnes !


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