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C. Aemilius Crassus C.n. Iulio Caesari Consuli omnibusque SPD,

I come to you to present my candidacy for Praetor in the upcoming elections in the Comitia Centuriata.

My full Roman name is Gaius Aemilius Crassus, I am 41 years old.

I am citizen of Nova Roma since 2760 AVC (2007) and since then I have served as Diribitor, Scriba Curulis Aedilis to Cn. Iulius Caesar, Tribunus Plebis, Scriba Praetoris to C. Petronius Dexter and Statia Cornelia Valeriana Iuliana Aeternia, Legatus pro Praetore Provincia Hispania and Lictor Novae Romae. I believe to have performed all my duties honorably and well in these positions.

In my view the Praetores have as main duties: - To maintain and moderate the Nova Roma Main List and the Forum Hospitum. I think in the overall the moderation has been effective and worked well and if elected will implement few alterations. Although not a duty of the Praetores if elected I will try to make the Forum Hospitum more dynamic, keeping the the internal matter of Nova Roma out. This Forum is the first contact of many perspective new citizens and I feel the low volume of conversations concerning Roma Antiqua and related subjected have turned down many eventual new citizens.

- To maintain and update the Tabularium. If elected I will pick the work of former Praetores, namely the summary of contents by Praetor C. Petronius Dexter, and will try to improve the access of the information with other Magistrates including Magister Aranearius.

- To administrate justice. Hopefully there will be no need. But if there will be I intend to follow the leges to the letter. If elected I too consider that any case needs to prove is necessity and will try very hard to solve the matter without a court.

- To organize the Ludi Apollinares in name of Nova Roma. With the help of many people I did organized the Ludi Ceriales when was Tribunus Plebis so I have a little experience on Ludi organization and I am confident to be able to do the Ludi Apollinares jointly with the other elected Praetor.

If elected I will try to work with all other Magistrates and officers of Nova Roma. If agreement can not be reached then the constitution and leges give the exact precedence order.

I believe I have shown competence, loyalty and dedication to our Res Publica and I hope the citizens of Nova Roma consider me worthy to serve as Praetor.

I am at your disposal to answer any question any citizen may have.

Di vos incolumes custodiant.

C. Aemilius Crassus Quiritibus SPD,

In my declaration of candidacy for the office of Praetor I have stated how I see the duties of the Praetores in Nova Roma, please see:


Today I would like to say how I see Nova Roma and what I consider to be our priorities for next year.

The dream and objective of Nova Roma is to recover and to restore the ancient Roman culture as a whole from the worship of our ancestors Gods to literature, arts and to how we live our lives around the serving of the community and family. In knowing our duty is to honor our ancestors by our actions and leave a better legacy to our descendants.

We have modeled our community from the ancient Roman Res Publica and that means we must be prepared to see the community to deiced paths we don’t agree or we agree less without never forgetting why we are here. More some of our citizens are here only for part of the Roman culture, may it be the Religio, the literature, the history, and we must cherish the contributions of those citizens because they too are part, and a value one, of Nova Roma.

After the troubling years of the recent past we must recover our energies and we need focus on growing again. We need a living forum where citizens and no citizens can debate anything and everything of Roma Antiqua, where Nova Roma can’t be totally absent, where perspective citizens can have some glimpses of what is Nova Roma and how it works but without the political fights and I intend to see with the Senate the better way to accomplish it.

We also need to be able to organize elections and law approvals in a simpler and regular way without the need to have a SCU in force to accomplish it. We have now the platform to do it and we need to adapt our voting and electoral proceedings to the new cista without losing our own voting ways and I’m very glad to see that is one of the priorities of Cornelius Sulla, candidate for Consul.

We also must not only retain the new citizens but also need to involve them in Nova Roma as active participants both on central and local activities. The lack of candidates for this year elections is a strong warning that we have to start moving to grow.

As Praetor I will be able to have an important part on the actions for accomplish some of these objectives and I will work with all other magistrates to advance Nova Roma.

On the subject of the lack of candidates I am perfectly aware that I run for Praetor unopposed and that my election is certain. I will have to prove by my actions as Praetor that I am really worthy to become Praetor and wasn’t elected only because there were not any other candidates. Nevertheless if you citizens consider I have proved my value and dedication to Nova Roma and if you agree with my vision of the needs of Nova Roma I ask you to vote for me as Praetor in the elections of the Comitia Centuriata.

I am at your disposal for any questions you may have.

Di vos incolumes custodiant.

a.d. III Id. Dec 2765 AVC.

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