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Lucius Cornelius Sulla Felix


Avete, omnes!

Today I come before you to seek your vote as consul of Nova Roma.

If I am honored to be elected as consul the following are my agenda:

1. To focus all my experience and efforts into taking all the necessary steps to complete the audit of Nova Roma with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and to ensure that Nova Roma's “not for profit” status endures and is protected in the long-term. Any steps the IRS requires to be taken and any recommendations that they make, will likely require legislative changes to our laws or constitution. As consul I will be better able to ensure that these required steps get completed.
2. To continue to work towards the consolidation of the website, resolution to ownership issues of the domain (I will be working with Cn. Caesar on that) and again as CFO and (if elected) Consul, any legislation necessary to complete that process will be expedited until completion.
3. To ensure that any lingering issues that are still pending get completed with proper debate, discussion and then implemented to completion.
4. I want to lower taxes. To do this we will need to lower expenses. As Consul, working with the senate I will endeavor to find innovative and less expensive alternatives to some of our standing expenditure items, with the goal that by next year our tax payments will be lessened; thus we will see an increase in tax payers who will be able to afford the expense. However, before we do that we simply have to balance our budget, for if we do not it is simply a question of “when” Nova Roma goes bankrupt, not “if”.
5. I want work with other incoming magistrates to promote the Wiki as I have some ideas to help foster discussion on the ML similar to the virtues thread by our current consul Valerianus, and to coordinate their inclusion into the Wiki. I think over time such a process can be developed into tradition and using some of the discretionary spending available to the consuls might aid the development of the wiki, email list and our collective knowledge base.
6. Discuss ways, formulate ideas and work towards having the Ordo Equester / Marketplace a functioning part of Nova Roma society.
7. I want to fix our election laws so that Senatus Consulta Ultima are not needed to run elections or legislative proposals in Nova Roma anymore.

As you can see my goals will be to target the most important items facing the Res Publica as well as trying to continue the work that our current consuls have started - to ensure their completion. My goals are all achievable, and by the time my term in office is completed Nova Roma will continue on the road to a more sustained recovery, not only in continuing the work of this year on our structural integrity and corporate compliance, but also in the growth in the number of tax paying citizens who will be able to see more value to their membership in Nova Roma! Just as importantly we need a firm and solid financial footing that will be an asset to new growth and will aid in Nova Roma's long term goals.

Who am I and why am I running for consul? I know most, if not all of you, citizens of Nova Roma have heard of me, whether from my own posts on the ML, the Back Alley list, rumors and conjectures. My past in Nova Roma is an open book always has been. Some people like me, some don't, but, I think everyone can agree with the fact that when I set myself a task I make sure that it gets completed. I think most will also agree that at the very least I make things interesting! With that I can at least say that this year will be a fun filled and productive year and with your help Nova Roma will take giant leap towards growth, revenue and numbers of citizens, and more important activity both within our internet existence and outside of it! For those few individuals who do not know who I am, or if I am qualified for the office, here is my past resume within Nova Roma for your review:

  • Quaestor
  • Praetor urbanus - now just the Praetor position
  • Consul twice
  • Censor twice
  • Proconsul of California - Governor of California

I am currently Lictor, Senator, Chief Financial Officer of Nova Roma.

In conclusion, I humbly and respectfully seek your vote and your involvement in Nova Roma. Nova Roma can only be successfully if we put our effort for that goal. I am willing to serve for that endeavor.


Lucius Cornelius Sulla Felix

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