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Cn. Iulius Caesar et Lucius Cornelius Sulla Felix omnibus sal.

We both would like to announce that we are standing for the office of consul in the forthcoming elections, and we would like to share with you the joint electoral platform we are running for office on.

First some background details on us and our record of service in Nova Roma. We include links to our biographies below, to save repeating it all, and encourage you peruse them.



Caesar has been a citizen since 2004 and Sulla since 1998. We have a raft of experience, both in the macronational world (including Caesar’s experience working within a provincial Justice department, and Sulla’s experience as a comptroller and his teaching role as a professor), as well as our experience within Nova Roma. Sulla has been consul before, three times before in fact, and Caesar once before.

We know and understand the role of consul fully and we know exactly what the position of consul demands from a citizen, both of us having filled that role previously, and it comes with its own unique set of challenges and pressures. Given our experience, combined and individual, we can move smoothly and effectively into the role and make an immediate start on our electoral program. While others with experience in the role could do so too, what we bring that differs is a proven ability to manage, to organize, to plan and to deal with emergent “crises” effectively and efficiently. Whatever plan candidates for consul present it has to also take into account the need to be able to handle the normal day-to-day issues that will always arise. We both have that proven ability.

Our record before 2010 is one of highly involved and active members of the Senate, engaged and vocal in defense of the rights of citizens and the preservation of the rule of our internal laws and defense of the Constitution. Naturally depending on which side of the fence you sat on in those divisive times of factional strife, one might have a different opinion of our role. That is natural and to be expected, but we were, and are, both passionate about Nova Roma, and especially what it could be if its untapped potential is released and carefully directed.

During the tumultuous events of 2010 both of us played pivotal roles in challenging the illegal coup attempt that was perpetrated on our res publica, coalescing resistance to it and ultimately helping build a new senatorial majority to deal with its aftermath. Our experience before 2010 of being at the center of significant events, added to the lessons learned from those events of 2010, which have subsequently been termed the “civil war”, led directly to many of the changes we instituted during our respective recent terms as consul.

We both pursued in those consulships, Lucius Sulla’s in 2013 and Gnaeus Caesar’s in 2012, a program of necessary legislative changes, within the Senate and by way of leges in comitia. These were necessary to stabilize Nova Roma from the very precarious situation it found itself in after 2010. Financial innovations, processes to prevent conflict of interest situations within the Senate and other administrative rule changes were absolutely vital in order to restore good order to the affairs of the res publica. Complementing this were the introduction of numerous leges, at least fourteen, covering areas such as the cursus honorum, the Code of Conduct, census point allocation and the processes for summoning the comitia, to name but a few. As a result of our changes Nova Roma currently enjoys a rare structural and legal stability.

We can make, and have already made, the tough choices inherent in the role of consul, and we also haven’t lost touch with our roots. We believe the corporate side is a necessary evil that Nova Roma needs, and that we must therefore organize its affairs the best they can be, but this is far from what Nova Roma is. Nova Roma and its concept of a res publica is the heart and soul of this organization, and it needs to grow in a more Roman manner, but as long as we are tied to the needs of the corporate side, by necessity regardless of who is consul, now or in the future, Nova Roma will remain a pale reflection of what it could be.

Now is not the time for marking time legislatively or attempting to undo the necessary and relevant changes made over the years since 2010. Instead now is the time we feel to make dynamic and lasting changes, to our structure and how we operate, to continue the drive forward. Stabilisation of the existing structure was our first priority, now is the time to pursue growth.

These changes will, if implemented, allow the growth of the res publica in ways we have hitherto only dreamed of. We see our main priority in the forthcoming year, if elected, as implementing the objectives in the discussion paper Nova Roma Reborn. We will be holding consultation sessions on how to implement these necessary changes, especially one of the most fundamental ones, namely creating a clear separation between the functions of our res publica and the corporate side of Nova Roma.

We believe that the other aspects of Nova Roma Reborn will also, once implemented, provide the further catalysts to the necessary growth and development of our res publica. The subsequent redefined corporate side will include directly elected board members, by you the citizens of Nova Roma. Our funds will remain protected and in fact be under enhanced democratic control, yet the life of the res publica will be able to pursue more a traditional Roman direction, freed from the demands of having to be shaped by the needs of modern corporate laws. During the upcoming contio we will of course be happy to address this further, as with all other points on our agenda and our records.

In addition to Nova Roma Reborn we will pursue the following:

1. A review of the gens and familia structures. The reduction of the role of the gens needs to be examined and a way found to balance historic accuracy with the needs of a 21st century organization, whose organization still largely revolves around unrelated persons online joining Nova Roma.

2. A review of the mos maiorum of antiquity and how best to integrate it more thoroughly into Nova Roma, and examining whether we have been developing our customs to the extent that they could be seen as modern additions to the mos maiorum.

3. A review of our long term goals, how best to achieve them which will center on the vision laid out in Nova Roma Onward.

4. Adopting a long term financial plan for Nova Roma, which would give us a set of benchmarks to consistently aim for and pursue to successful conclusion. This would involve also the establishment of physical communities of residence for Nova Roma worldwide.

5.The creation of a grant writing position. The objective would be to help raise additional capital for Nova Roma from outside of that raised by its citizenry, thus enabling us to pursue our goals more effectively.

This is a full agenda, but we have the required abilities and experience to carry it forward. We are both personally exceptionally well suited to work as a team, having done so since 2008, and also in 2004 to 2005. We know how the other thinks, inside out. We will bring that teamwork, and friendship, into full effect if elected and this is to the benefit of Nova Roma to have two consuls that don’t waste their time squabbling over minutiae, or engaged in combative disputes between themselves. We also both work well with others in the Senate, and thus can make the most effective use of everyone’s time in there.

We would ask those of you that support the goals we have outlined above to also support both of us in our bid for the consulship.

Optime valete.




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