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Gnaeus Cornelius Lentulus

Album Civium

Election MMDCCLX


Cn. Cornelius Lentulus quaestor candidatus: consulibus, praetoribus, tribunis plebis, senatui populoque Novo Romano: salutem plurimam dicit:

Salvete, Quirites!

Seeing the lack of candidates for this office, I offer my knowlegde and experience I got from my previous service when I was quaestor to praetor T. Octavius Pius Ahenobarbus. If elected, I would be very honoured to serve as consular quaestor, since I was praetorial quaestor and I think this qualifies me to this higher position.

As I've said, I served Nova Roma as praetorial quaestor during the consulship of K. Buteo Modianus and Pompeia Strabo, I was scriba several times and in many offices, I was scriba of aedilis L. Iulius Sulla, T. Iulius Sabinus and currently of aedilis Iulia Caesar Cytheris Aege. In their names I organized, among other things, historical and Latin contests and made researches.

I served many times as accensus: I was accensus to consul Fr. Apulus Caesar, K. Buteo Modianus and presently to consul Ti. Paulinus.

I was scriba of censor C. Minucius Hadrianus Felix. I had the plesure and honour to serve as censorial scribe under Cn. Equitius Marinus Censorius.

This year I'm scriba to praetrix A. Tullia Scholastica and the official Hungarian Interpreter of Nova Roma. Also, I am scriba of the Latin interpreter A. Tullia Scholastica for three years.

The Nova Roman People elected me rogator for this year and I worked in this office without colleague until July when Q. Suetonius Paulinus was elected as my colleague. I have gotten many experience during my rogatorial operation: I see the need of changing our so called vigintivir system. I had my little confrontation with my censor K. Buteo Modianus because of our different understanding of the relation of our offices, but we always deal with each other with the greatest possible respect and friendship. Now the censorial office is a model of cooperation of magistrates.

My most important function is the governance of Pannonia Provincia with increasing successes: we have organized our third Reenactor Camp this year and we have more and more active members in our province.

I myself am a practitioner of the Roman Religion and Provincial Sacerdos of Pannonia. Also I am a Roman military reenactor, historian, linguist and a qualified Latinist working as a high school Latin teacher in the macro world.

I believe that we will see great reforms and good changes next year with these excellent consuls we have elected, and I'm looking forward to work collaboratively with our new magistrates: this is what I ask your votes for.


Valete, Quirites!

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