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File:CIV-Marca Hortensia Maior.jpg

Marca Hortensia Maior

Album Civium

Election MMDCCLX

M.Hortensia Quiritibus spd.

I have been propraetrix of Hibernia, twice caput scriba Censoris C. Fabio Quintiliano and C. Fabio Modiano for the census and nomenclature, tribuna of the plebs and now I run for questor. Last year in accordance with the mos of the Republic I did not run for office. I spent last year producing Vox Romana podcast and writing and researching articles for the NRwiki:

- Lar,
- Penates,
- Liber,
- Magna Mater,
- Cultus Apollonis,
- Fortuna,
- online temple to: Fortuna,
- Saturnalia,
- reading list for the cultus deorum,
- Roman Laws,
- Venus (ongoing).

I will work hard as questor on behalf of the quirites and perform my duties faithfully.

Pro dis Populaque Romae!

For the Gods and People of Rome!

Marca Hortensia Maior

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