Gaius Iulius Scaurus (Election MMDCCLIX)

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Gaius Iulius Scaurus


G. Iulius Scaurus Quiritibus SPD.

I stand before you as a candidate for the quaestorship.

I have served as Aedilis Curulis, and with my distinguished colleague, M. Iulius Perusianus, we were the first aediles curules in Nova Roma to successfully complete the full ancient course of ludi and observe the requisite religious caerimoniae.

I am a Pontifex and the Flamen Quirinalis and, thus, a practitioner of the cultus Deorum. I am also a strict reconstructionist, preferring adherence to the mos maiorum antiquus over modern innovation unless circumstances absolutely compel change. I have served as pullarius for the Collegium Augurum and am a member of the Comitia Curiata.

I have served as a consular accensus and praetorian scriba. In the latter position I was a principal drafter of the Leges Saliae poenalis and iudiciaria.

I have been informed by praetor-elect C. Equitius Cato that he will seek my appointment as his praetorian quaestor if I am elected. Among the projects I hope to complete in such a role is a full index to Nova Roman law. Having been granted the title of iurisconsult by Cn. Salvius Astur when he was praetor, I expect, if elected, to serve a principal advisor to C. Equitius Cato on Nova Roman legal matters, especially criminal and civil procedure.

I pray to the Di Immortales that you will favourably regard my candidacy for quaestor.



Pontifex et Flamen Quirinalis

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