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Gnaeus Cornelius Lentulus



I stand before you, Quirites, to announce my candidacy for Rogatorship. First of all, I have to confess I didn't want to hold office next year, after my Quaestorship but I have become very sad that these minor offices are so unpopular and now I would like give an example to the other citizens to encourage them so that they also run for these vacant positions. Citizens! Stand for Rogator or Diribitor or Quaestor!

I am Gnaeus Cornelius Lentulus, Quaestor of Praetor Titus Octavius Pius Ahenobarbus and Propraetor of Pannonia Provincia.


In my country, Hungary I study as a graduate student in the most important Hungarian university in the Latin Department, i.e. of classical studies, Latin and Greek languages, Roman history, literature, philosophy, religion and ancient cultures. I have a quite well knowledge in these matters so I can designate myself as an expert of the Romanitas.

Since I was child I felt myself Roman. When I was 16 I assumed the name Cn. Cornelius Lentulus together with my white toga virilis long before Nova Roma was burn, and I decided to live as a Roman and to do anything I could go nearer to the ancient Rome with. I have learned Latin I wore everyday Roman clothes at home etc... Later I founded a Roman reenactor association the Consociatio Hungarica Ad Rem Romanam Reficiundam, and I dreamed that someday I will find many people who think similarly to me and want to restore the Roman Republic.

...And, on Aprile 21 two years ago, I have found Nova Roma. I knew my dreams were realized: firstly I got in touch with Provincia Italia and experienced the orgainzation, then I joined in. In the first few months I didn't participate in the main list discussions, I kept the contact only with my italian friends, but later I joined in the Sodalitas Latinitatis and started to take part in the public life of our Republic.


My provincia, Pannonia was in the worst condition at the time, so I decided to reorganize and make it a real community. On April 1 last year, the Senate appointed me as Propraetor of Pannonia and I started my work. Now I perform my second term in this magistracy.

Besides my propraetorial duties, I was elected Quaestor for this year and assigned to Praetor Titus Octavius Pius, this way serving the Republic and holding my first magistracy in the central government of Nova Roma.

I have served several magistrates as apparitor: last year as Scriba of Aedilis L. Iulius Sulla and in this office I have organized the Ludi Megalenses Certamen Historcum (Historical Contest) during the Megalesia, and the Ludi Victoriae Sullanae Certamen Historicum. Now I am an Adilician Scribe again, that of Titus Iulius Sabinus, the best Aedilis Curulis I have evere seen, and I organized the Certamen Latinum of the Ludi Megalenses.

From last year I am one of the two Senior Scriba of A. Tullia Scholastica, official Latin interpreter.

Last year I was Accensus of Consul Franciscus Apulus Caesar and worked together with his Consular Staff, in this year I am Accenus of Consul C. Fabius Buteo Modianus.

This year I have been Censorial Scribe of C. Minucius Hadrianus Felix, then he resigned, and I was appointed by Censor Gn. Equitius Marinus again, as his Censorial Scibe. In his Cohors, working together with Rogatores A. Tullia Scolastica and M. Iulius Severus, I have been trained to the tasks that a Rogator has to do and I have taken a fancy to run for that very important office.

I also served as Scriba of the Magister Aranearius C. Minucius Scaevola.

I had take an active part in the Sodalitas Latinitatis for two years. I was an Undecimvir ad diploma Sodalitatis Latinitatis Retractandum, member of the Charter Review Commission in which we have discussed about the new Charter of the sodalitas. I have participated in the Latin translation of the new Charter too. This year I have been elected Decurio of the First Decuria of the Sodalitas, i.e. one of the vice-presidents of the Latin Society.

This year I have been also appointed Dominus of the Factio Russata by Aedilis T. Iulius Sabinus.

Besides these mostly virtual activities I have both organized and participated several reenactment events in Pannonia as Governor. According to my opinion the real life events and meeting of citizens to know better each other, are the heart of Nova Roma. I have met personally Nova Romans of other countries and in my provincia we organize a little meeting every second week at least.


As for my personal believes: I am an old practicioner of the Religio Romana, I practiced it long before I knew Nova Roma. So it is a very important element in my Romanitas and I think first and foremost of the authenticy of the prayers.

Since 1st of January I am Provincial Sacerdos of Pannonia, the first one in the modern age since Romans left that province.


I am not member of any political allience. I am a wholehearted republican, my ideals in the Roman political life are M. Tullius Cicero, P. Cornelius Lentulus Spinther, Q. Lutatius Catulus, L. Licinius Lucullus, M. Porcius Cato, L. Papirius Cursor, P. Cornelius Scipio and men thinking that way. I believe the total reconstruction of Rome as much as possible and reasonable.


Quirites, on these grounds I would like to ask your votes for the Rogatorship as my second step in the Cursus Honorum: I think that those various offices I have held and particularly my work as Censorial Scribe give me the experince and knowledge that is needed in Rogatorship which is one of the most important offices in Nova Roma, because the Rogators are the first officers whom a new citizen meet: and the first impression is always very important.

I can promise I will do the best for you as I have done in my present offices - or if I can - will do better. Omnia Pro Re Publica!


Gnaeus Cornelius Lentulus,


Propraetor Provinciae Pannoniae
Sacerdos Provinciae Pannoniae
Accensus Consulis C. Fabii Buteonis
Scriba Censoris Cn. Equitii Marini
Scriba Aedilis Curulis T. Iulii Sabini
Scriba Interpretis Linguae Latinae Tulliae Scholasticae

Decurio I. Sodalitatis Latinitatis
Dominus Factionis Russatae
Latinista, Classicus Philologus

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