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Salvete Illustris Consules et Senatores.

Summarium Annuum Italiae:

I. Geographia et Populus Italia is a provincia of Nova Roma but during the last year the Senatus approved the proposal to call this administrative area just only "Italia" and not "Provincia Italia". It's the correct form to call the italian peninsula as the ancient Romans did it. It gives back historical dignity to the Italia and all the italian nova romans appreciated the wonderful initiative by the Senatus and our Consul Arminius Faustus. Indirectly this act permitted to raise more active citizens and to increase the credits of our organization at the old citizens and partners.

II. Officia et Munus The provincial administration is composed by the following assistants:

Franciscus Apulus Caesar - Praefectus Marcus Iulius Perusianus - Legatus and Vicarius Praefectoris Aelius Solaris Marullinus - Legatus and Rogator Caius Ianus Flaminius - Legatus Marcus Quirinus Sulla - Scriba Titus Claudius Collatinus, Lucius Iulius Sulla and Aurelia Iulia Pulchra - Scribae

The Curia Italica, composed by the assistants and Praefectus, approved the election of Titus Claudius Collatinus and Marcus Quirinus Sulla as Aediles Urbis Romae.

III. Eventi et Consuetudines Italia organized several meetings during the 2007, in collaboration with the group of Rome and the local cultural no-profit association "Pomerium".

A big event have been organized in Vasto in the begin of the year, Aurelius Vindex hosted in his hotel more than 20 italian citizens and a group coming from Dacia. We visited the Samniun and the local museums, we met the local authorities specialized in culture and archeology and we discussed the next activities and the new objectives for Italia, local organizations, european affairs and Nova Roma.

In April we organized the annual celebration of the foundation of Roma visiting unknown historical area in the city and the usual historical parade in the Forum.

Further events are monthly organized by the group of Rome permitting to many citizens to visit museums and archeological areas, to frequent conferences and meet other members. Unluckly during the years we were unable to partecipe to festival and live events. Italia continued the older and usual activities guaranting the growth of the quality of our products and services. The magazine POMERIVM is written in collaboration with the local association and it's very appreciated by many people and experts. It contains detailed articles about the history of Rome, reports of travels and visits, projects and acrheological studies, interviews, relations about museums, lists of expositions and live events, etc. Everything is written for free by volunteers and by famous experts.

The interviews to the experts is moving from Academia Italica to the projects promoting by the magazine.

We have created contacts and relationships with new re-enacting groups, with private companies specialized in roman and historical products and services and with public authorities. Specially we contacted the Town Hill of Rome requesting the patrocine for the products and official activities organized in the City by Nova Roma and Pomerium. We are waiting for its answer.

The mailing list NR_Italia is a great place now, with many members and experts from other istitutions very interesting in Nova Roma and very active. I could say that it's now one of the most popular web- community about Rome in Italy. It is caused by the planning of live events giving to the community a real "face", by the usual initiatives organized by the administrators (polls, projects, interviews, commercial promotions, etc.), by the clear and polite tone imposed by moderators.

Marcus Iulius Perusianus continues his incredible job with the Signa Romanorum project archiving all the informations and photos about the roman structures (acquducts, arches, arenas, etc..) existing in the world.

I have to say that the last events about Hispania and the sad initiatives of many spanish ex-citizens created a discussion in Italy and some people rumored the possibility to re-consider the relationships with Nova Roma. The italian citizens were very happy for the inititive by the Senatus about the title Provincia and we thank you all. However they critic the politics of the novaroman administration, its absence in Italy and Rome, the activities in Europe and the relationship with italian and european public istitutions, the slow growth of the organization caused by a mechanical burocracy and unlimited discussions in the lists, etc.

Honestly I think that NR contains many of the written problems and we senators would take it seriously but I disagree with them and their opinions about re-consideration of the relationships with NR. The report about this situation is one of my duties as Praefectus but I guess the Senatus and next Consules would take serious and concrete initiatives increasing the attenction of NR to the provincial needs and considering the requests by this groups of citizens (many of them are assiduii from many years).

IV. Novae Romae Vrbs

I'm very happy to report to the Senatus about the growth of the NR Urbs, the group of novaromans living in Rome. It's raising many members creating an active community with website and mailing list. The roman novaromans organize monthly meetings and often welcome the foreign novaromans visiting the Eternal City. They are promoting initiatives, projects, etc. I can affirm now that the group of Rome is themost active and propositive in Italy, they are a strong engine for the Provincia.

V. Crumena Publica et Facultates Aliae We didn't a detailed report of the number of citizens and assiduii, we did it in the first part of the year but not in the end. In any way the provincial admninistration raised the taxes of 7 citizens and I'm sure that other people payed by the novaroman website. The 50% of the taxes for 2007 was expended to organize the meeting in Rome in April offering services and visit to museum to novaroman visitors.

The website is http://italia. novaroma. org and the mailing list at http://groups. group/NR_ Italia/.

VI: Goals For the next year we would make a fast census counting assiduii and geographical distribution of the citizens. It would permit us to plan promotional activities.

We'll continue the collaboration with the association Pomerium and otther local groups. One of the most goals would be the creation of official contacts and supports by the local authorities.

We'll continue to organize periodical live events and we'll take a concrete decision about the presence at re-enacting events. My goal in fact would be try to present NR in cultural events and conferences raising credits in the academical world.

I'm very honoured to receive the faith of the Senatus for the management of Italia but I don't know if I would be reappointed as Praefectus for the year 2008, I'm busy with my job in this period and I have to check my next professional future. In any way I'll wait the call of the Consul in February to communicate my decision.

Valete Franciscus Apulus Caesar Senator Consularis et Praefectus Italiae

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