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The following declaration has been held on Nov. 14, 2763 auc, towards the People in the Forum romanum, by Candidate Iulius Caesar (Gn.) :

I announce my intention to stand for Praetor.

There are potentially three main challenges facing any praetor. Firstly the somewhat confused nature of the wording of some of our laws and the constitution. Secondly, dealing with potential trials under the current legal system. Thirdly, moderating this forum.

The first, wording of laws and constitution, requires a collaborative effort on the part of consuls, praetors and other magistrates and senate. I am currently appointed to the senatorial committee on reviewing the bylaws of Nova Roma. I have macronational experience through my job in preparing and reviewing provincial legislation.

The second, sadly, is somewhat of a feature of Nova Roman life. Until such time as the process for trials and prosecutions is changed, the system has to be administered in a fair and efficient manner. That means conducting any trial according to the law of Nova Roma as it is written. I have assisted the advocatus in one trial and have first hand experience of the pitfalls and risks of deviating from following the written law. However potential litigants should be aware that if elected I will make the responsibility of the person commencing the prosecution to work hard to just get his or her case accepted, and I will encourage alternative remedies and offer to mediate or arbitrate a dispute outside of a formal trial process, if all parties agree to it.

Lastly, the moderation of this forum. This has proved, to say the least, an explosive issue at times. My stand is simple. The constitution and laws of Nova Roma limit a praetor to only moderate or remove posting rights when a clear and imminent danger exists. Most times posts that are explosive don't risk destroying Nova Roma. I think we need far less restriction, more trust, and we also need to stop taking a rather patronizing attitude that some people inherently can't be trusted and have to be moderated for eternity. That is a sentiment I have heard over the years, and I simply don't accept it. If someone crosses the line by swearing, making threats or other wording which either breaches Yahoo TOS, Nova Roman law, or since Yahoo operates in the US, federal US law, then I will deal with it. Posting objections to my actions, other magistrates, the senate, does not constitute a threat to Nova Roma. Being held to be annoying and irritating isn't an offence, fortunately since many of the regular posters (myself included) would be on moderation.

Good fortune to all candidates and success in office to those that win.

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