Lex Arminia Equitia de dignitate curuli (Nova Roma)

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This lex is currently IN FORCE.

Approved by Comitia Populi Tributa
Yes: 26 No: 7 Abs.: 2
prid. Kal. Quin. Cn. Salvio Cn. Equitio cos. MMDCCLVII a.u.c.

This law is intended to properly define an ancient Roman term within the Nova Roman legal system and be a basis for present and future legislation.

1. Any magistrate holding 'curule dignity' will have the following rights:

A. The right to wear the toga praetexta.
B. The right to sit in the curule chair.
C. The right to address the Senate.

2. This law shall not be interpreted as defining in any way which magistratures possess curule dignity.

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