Lex Vedia de magistratuum aetate secunda (Nova Roma)

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The Lex Iunia de Magistratuum is hereby amended as follows, establishing the following procedures for the purpose underaged candidates to petition an exemption to run for office.

VI.A. Citizens who wish to run for office must present the Consuls with their petition for exemption to the age restriction.
VI.A.1. In the case of the annual December magisterial elections, such petitions must be presented to the Consuls no later than the 31st of October.
VI.A.2. In the case of mid-year elections, such petitions must be presented to the Consuls as soon as possible, but the presentation of such petitions shall not be regarded as sufficient reason to postpone replacement elections more than thirty days as required by the Constitution, and the right of underage cives to run for office shall not override the Constitutional requirement to fill vacant magistracies in a timely manner.
VI.B. The petition will include the following information:
  • a. Full Roman name
  • b. Length of Citizenship
  • c. Prior experience within Nova Roma
  • d. The office for which they intend to run
VI.C. The Consuls shall present the petition to the Senate for a vote in such manner as to allow due consideration of the petition.
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