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For a modern recipe see: Libum (Nova Roma)

De Agricultura 75

From Cato's De Agricultura


Latin English
Libum hoc modo facito. Make libum by this method.
Casei P. II bene disterat in mortario. Break up two pounds of cheese well in a mortar.
Ubi bene distriverit, farinae siligineae libram aut, si voles tenerius esse, selibram similaginis eodem indito permiscetoque cum caseo bene. When they will have been well broken up, put in a pound of wheat flour or, if you wish it to be more delicate, half a pound of fine flour and mix it well together with the cheese.
Ovum unum addito et una permisceto bene. Add one egg and mix together well.
Inde panem facito, folia subdito, in foco caldo sub testu coquito leniter. Then make into bread, places leaves beneath, and cook slowly on a hot hearth under an earthen pot.
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