Lucius Rutilius Minervalis (Election MMDCCLX)

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Lucius Rutilius Minervalis

Album Civium

Election MMDCCLX

The time of the elections having come, I notice that no one declared his candidacy for the vital position of Rogator.

This is why, although if this office is not that to which I intended to declare my candicacy initially, I would like announce to you my candidature for the position of Rogator.

I had the chance and the honor to work in the team of the Censores Quintilianus and Marinus, and I thus know that this office is a heavy load; but I will ensure it for all his duration, in order to prevent that our Republic is blocked in such an important task.

You know my past duties: citizen since 2002 and currently Galliae Legateus for the Celtica regio, I was in the past Questor, Diribitor, Propraetor (of Gallia) and accensus and scriba censoris.

I very often said that the Roman values were the only ones being able to save a world which runs in all unconsciousness towards a catastrophic end; I am happy to find in NR the way of restoring them and proud to help it as far as I can.

Can Minerva help me in this task.

Lucius Rutilius Minervalis

Rogator candidatus

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