Ludi Apollinares 2766 AUC

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Ludi Apollinares 2766 auc


prid. Non. Quin. (July 6th)

  • Opening ceremony
  • Quizs questions
  • Other activities

a.d. VII Id. Quin. (July 9th)

  • Quizs questions
  • Other activities

a.d. III Id. Quin. (July 13th)

  • Quiz questions
  • Horse race in Coliseum Maximum
  • Other activities
  • Closing ceremony

Artistic contributions

The Praetura is asking for any citizen that would wish to contribute with artistic works for the Ludi to send them to


The general categories are:

  • Images (photos, paintings, videos)
  • Writing (stories, texts fictional or not, poems
  • Theater works

Horse race

There will be a horse race (horse plus rider without chariot) in the closing day of the Ludi. The maximum number of horses will be 8 and the Praetura asked the help of the Factiones heads to try to have 2 horses from each Factio. In this way any citizen who wishes to enter a horse for the race should contact the respective Factio heads:

Factio Albata - C. Maria Caeaca

Factio Praesina - Since there wasn't any contact from the Faction Praesina citizens from it should contact C. Aemilius Crassus

Factio Russata - Cn. Cornelius Lentulus

Factio Veneta - M. Pompeius Caninus

The rules for the horse race are identical to the rules for the normal chariot races and can be found at here except that:

- Dirty actions aren’t allowed

- And the tactics are slightly different. They are:

  • A. To hurry in the last laps
  • B. To start at full speed from the very begin
  • C. To support a constant pace
  • D. To lash the rivals
  • E. To stay with the pack until the last minute, then make a spurt.
  • F. To hurry in the straight lines

The last day to enter horses for the race will be a.d. VII Id. Quin. (July 9th).


While the Ludi were in progress C. Maria Caeaca was our music expert and sent several musics as part of the Ludi. The complete playlist can be found here


In the Ludi Apollinares of this year we had the luck to have a theater play from Aeternia

A Game of Mottos

Historical Quiz

The final results for the Historical Quiz are:

P Porcius Licinus 11 points
Marcus Prometheus 10 points
Appia Gratia Avita 9 points
M Pompeius Caninus 9 points
M Martianius Lupus 7 points
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