Ludi Megalenses MMDCCLXVII (2767) AUC (Nova Roma)/Opening Ceremonies

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Opening Remarks from the Aedilis curulis, L. Vitellius Triarius

pr. Non. Apr. ‡ St. Cornelia C. Aemilio cos. ‡ MMDCCLXVII a.u.c.

Salvete omnes!

On this morning, we remember the strife of the Roman People during the 2nd Punic War with Carthage, the stories of the arrival on this day of the Magna Mater in ancient Rome.

At the altar of Victoria in my home this morning, I offered incense and prayers to the goddess Cybele, the Magna Mater, on behalf of the Senate and Peoples of Nova Roma. As well, offerings and prayers were given to Father Iuppiter, Father Apollo, Mother Minerva, Mother Fortuna, and Mother Bellona, also honored during these games.

With this, as Aedilis curulis, I officially open these games and present to you the Editor of the Games for this year’s Megalesia, Tib. Cassius Atellus, and Pontifex Cn. Cornelius Lentulus for the Opening Rites.

Let us honor the Magna Mater and let the games begin!

Optime valete,


Opening Remarks from the Editor of the Games, Ti. Cassius Atellus

Ti. Cassius Atellus omnibus in foro S.P.D.

Today, as the Ludi Megalenses commence, I will be offering some opening remarks and outlining the schedule for the coming week over a live Youtube broadcast, which will start today, April 4th, at 11:00 PM Rome time, or 3:00 PM Mountain Daylight time. I would like to apologize for the very short notice, but I've been behind in setting things up. Fortunately, those who aren't able to view it live will be able to see it later on. After the opening remarks and such have concluded, there will be a question & answer / social session. Unfortunately, only those with a Youtube account will be able to participate in the Q&A, but everyone can watch.

Once the broadcast has ended, it will spend some time uploading, and will be available to watch in full within an hour or two.

The Youtube event page can be viewed here:

If the link somehow doesn't work, you can find it by searching Youtube for "Nova Roma Ludi".

Again, the scheduled time is today, April 4th at 11:00 PM Rome time (CEST, +2 UTC), or 3:00 PM Utah time (MDT, -6 UTC).

Please share this with friends, as this would be a great way to introduce new people to Nova Roma!

Valete optime!

Ti. Cassius Atellus Chronicler of Nova Roma

Opening Consular Remarks from the Consul maior, Sta. Cornelia Aeternia

Sta. Cornelia Aeternia Consul Omnibus in foro S.P.D.

The festival of the Cybele, the Great Mother. I know the expectation was for me to give a opening speech. But I thought I would do something a bit different and present a bit of a story. This is well known myth and I thought this to be a fitting myth since we are on the subject of Mothers.

Do we remember the myth of Niobe Queen of Thebes? Who mocked Leto for having only two children versus Niobe's brood of fourteen? In response the goddess Lucina (Leto) had her twin children Apollo and Diana (Artemis) avenge such slight. Diana (Artemis) and Apollo slaughtered all of Niobe's children even after she begged to be left only one child. The Theban Queen also lost her husband King Amphion who killed himself after seeing all his children dead.

From that day on Niobe became the symbol of mourning and nothing more. It was Niobe's pride that was her downfall. She became too proud and mocked a goddess. Niobe thought she was above the immortals because of the size of her brood. The myth of Niobe shows when excessive hubris clouds your normal judgement.

Cybele the great mother may be of a foreign cult. But as she was adopted by our Roman forefathers and we as Nova Romans should not be too prideful to forget that fact.

Enjoy the spectacles of the Ludi Megalensia to all.

Valete bene,

Statia Cornelia Aeternia

Sacra publica by Pontifex Cn. Cornelius Lentulus

Cn. Lentulus pontifex Quiritibus s. p. d.

The Ludi Megalenses, the Megalesia, have started today. I have offered the solemn Megalesia sacrifice to Magna Mater, a Goddess with whom Nova Roma has a special connection.

Quirites, join with your prayers and pray for Nova Roma that it may become truly Roman more and more, day by day.

As a Megalesia Gift for all of you, citizens of Nova Roma, I offer that I perform a private sacrifice in your behalf for ANY objective or wish you have. Please contact me privately during the days of Megalesia.

Happy Megalesia!

The sacrifice has been this:

Favete linguis!


Magna Mater Deum Idaea,

te hoc thure obmovendo bonas preces precor,

uti sies volens propitia Novae Romae,

mihi, domo, familiae!

[Great Idaean Mother of the Gods,

by offering you this incense, I pray good prayers so

that you may be benevolent and propitious to Nova Roma

to me, to my household and to my family.]

Magna Mater Deum Idaea,

uti te thure dato bonas preces precatus sum,

eiudem rei ergo macte hoc lacte libando

esto fito volens propitia Novae Romae,

mihi domo familiae!

[Great Idaean Mother of the Gods,

as by offering you the incense I have well prayed good prayers,

for the very same reason be thou, blessed by this sacrificial milk,

benevolent and propitious to Nova Roma

to me, to my household and to my family.]


Magna Mater Deum Idaea,

te quaesumus veneramur precamur

uti hisce ludis Megalensibus tuis sactissimis,

Novam Romam augeas, adiuves, confirmes,

utique negligentiam erga te nostram ignoscas,

atque uti nobis ignoscas propter vitia nostra

facta de Proiecto Magnae Matris!

[Great Idaean Mother of the Gods,

we ask, pray and beseech you so

that, upon these Megalesian Games consecrated to you,

you may confirm, strengthen and help Nova Roma,

so that forgive us our negligence towards you,

and forgive us for our mistakes

committed regarding the Magna Mater Project!]


Harum rerum ergo macte

hoc lacte melle mixto

et hoc thure dato

esto fito volens propitia Novae Romae,

Populo Novo Romano Quiritibus,

Reique Publicae Populi Novi Romani Quiritium,

collegio pontificum,

mihi, domo, familiae!

[For all these reasons, thou blessed

by offering these 3 liba,

by offering this milk with honey,

by offering this incense

be benevolent and propitious to Nova Roma,

to the Nova Roman People of Quirites,

to the College of Pontiffs,

to me, to my household and to my family.]


Magna Mater Deum Idaea,

si quid vitii in hac caerimonia infuit,

ex te veniam peto,

et vitium meum hoc lacte dato expio.

[Great Idaean Mother of the Gods,

if anything in this ceremony was displeasing to you,

I ask forgiveness from you,

and I expiate my fault with this sacrificial milk]


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