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Poetry Showcase

Ti. Cassius Atellus omnibus in foro S.P.D.

Fellow quirites, esteemed Novi Romani! Today begins the poetry showcase, which will continue through Thursday the 10th. This is not a contest, it's an open invitation for anyone who's written any rhyme, prose, or other poetry appropriate to Nova Roma, or who wish to do so. So come forward, veterans and newbies alike! Let us show our creative abilities and contribute a verse.

Valete optime!

Ti. Cassius Atellus Chronicler of Nova Roma



The gods saw fit to send me a gift,

One of their own whose soul radiated music.

Every quaver, every rest a special warmth.

Vibrating strings, echoing wood.

It was perfect, and so I loved.

Then the gods felt their loss.

Mercurius dispatched on mission,

Discordia, negating magic

with a false double-edged note.

Muse to the gods returned, and so I mourn.

© C Claudius Quadratus 040814

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