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Roman Children's Games

Salvete omnes,

This is a double feature: It includes descriptions of games that Roman children used to play (under "Ancient Games & Activities"), as well as children's games which are Roman-themed (under "Online Games"). Some of these were also enjoyed often by adults all across Roman territories.

Ancient Games & Activities:

1. Swordfights with wooden swords (or sticks)

2. Catch mice and harness them to miniature chariots (My favorite!)

3. Play with figurines (like action-figures)

4. Rota: A Classic Game of Ancient Rome (Like Tic-Tac-Toe)

5. Tesserae (Dice)

6. Latrunculi (Strategy game like chess or checkers)

7. Mancala

Online Games

A collection of Roman-themed online games and quizzes

This is just a start to games kids (& adults) can play, but I wish you lots of fun!

Valete optime.

Ti. Cassius Atellus

Chronicler of Nova Roma

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