MMDCCLIII first quarter treasury report

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MMDCCLIII first quarter treasury report


  • Donations: $365, including a $350 donation from the Cives of Germania, led by Marcus Marcius Rex, Propraetor.
  • Macellum revenue: $379.95, all from the sale of vexillae (flags).



  • $11.55 to Cassius Julianus for postage for the Eagle
  • $212.50 to Cassius Julianus as reimbursement for production and shipping of flags
  • $59.85 to Flavius Vedius Germanicus for hosting of the Nova Roma

Web site

  • $15.00 to the State of New Hampshire for filing revised incorporation papers


Total Treasury balance: $1,267.11


So far, Nova Roma has made $167.45 profit from Cassius Julianus' flag project. Some flags still remain to be sold. Still, I count this as a successful project.

We got no revenue from the affiliation this quarter, suggesting that we need to do a better job of promoting this service and adding new books to keep it relevant. In the next quarter we may begin to receive some revenue from sales of tunics and togas. Someone on the list (I can't remember who) offered Web hosting, possibly for free. We may wish to investigate this, though our current provider is reasonably reliable. In the next quarter, Ovidia Luna has offered her expertise (she works in a law office) to help us apply for a federal tax ID number. The next step would be to incorporate as a federal nonprofit, which will allow Citizens who are U.S. residents to deduct donations on their taxes.

We have a fairly significant sum of money in hand. Perhaps it's time to start soliciting ideas from Citizens on how to best use it to promote knowledge of ancient Rome. Some ideas to get us started:

"Scholarship" to Roman Days: A committee of Senators could award one Citizen the cost of traveling to and from Roman Days, based on factors including financial need and dedication to Nova Roma.

Book donation: We choose one good recent book on Roman history and donate a copy to a college library in each of our Provinciae (including non-U.S. ones), the gift to be administered by the Praetors.

Writing and printing good information on ancient Rome in interesting, educational and accessible formats, to be used by teachers in classrooms. This would require the help of someone with expertise in writing for various grade levels and crafting curriculum plans. Scholar support: We make a small grant (perhaps $300) to assist a graduate student or university professor who specializes in ancient Rome. This would have the additional benefit of making Nova Roma better known in the academic community.

Patricia Cassia

Quaestor, Nova Roma

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