MMDCCLIII third quarter treasury report

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Third quarter 2000 financial report

This report reflects a slight loss because of expenses for the benefit of Nova Roma:

Starting balance: $1,250.55


  • affiliation: 24.00
  • Bumper-sticker project: 4.00
  • Eagle subscriptions: 160.30 (a bunch were submitted all at once by Decius Iunius)

TOTAL: $188.30


  • Removal of ads from NR main list: 59.40
  • Application for U.S. tax-exempt status: 150.00
  • Reimburse Marcus Cassius Julianus for mailing of October Eagle: $19.50

TOTAL: $228.90

Current balance: $1,181.95


As reported previously, the U.S. treasury promises a response to our application for tax-exempt status within 120 days, or roughly by March 15.

I have asked both Lawrence Brooks (our toga-and-tunic dealer) and Cassius Julianus (in his capacity as administrator of the flag program) to provide a final accounting to the Treasury by Dec. 31 for the purpose of closing out the year with complete information.

The removal of ads from the main list is an annual expense; the Internal Revenue Service fee is a one-time expense. Cassius and Octavius continue to provide printing and Web hosting free to Nova Roma. Respectfully submitted,

Patricia Cassia Quaestrix et Senatrix, Nova Roma

29 November 2753

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