MMDCCLII fourth quarter treasury report

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Fourth Quarter Treasury Report, 2752 AUC

Balance as of 9/30/99: $663.21

Expenses: $59.85 to Germanicus for Web-site hosting


  • Eagle subscriptions: $58
  • Flag orders: $147.60

Total: $205.60

Balance as of 1/13/00: $868.81

Outstanding issues:

- I would appreciate it if the Consuls would appoint another Quaestor to cross-check my work. I will happily mail copies of relevant records, but think it important that I not be allowed to function alone in this capacity. Audens, you've done this before and can testify that it isn't onerous.

- Cassius needs to be reimbursed $83 for the actual costs of the 10 flags sold. That's10 flags at $6.50 each, plus $18 for shipping nine of the flags. Since I will be writing a check to a member of my own household, I'd like to get the expenditure approved by a Consul (have Quaestors been assigned to individual Consuls yet?) before going ahead with it.

respectfully submitted,

Patricia Cassia Quaestor, Nova Roma

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