MMDCCLIV first quarter treasury report

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First quarter Treasury report, Fl. Vedio (II) M. Cassio (II) cos. MMDCCLIV a.u.c.

Starting balance of 1/1/01: $1,398.99


  1. Donations: $264.12
  2. Eagle subscriptions: $144
  3. Macellum:
    1. Vexillae: $252.15
    2. Toga/tunics: $40
    3. $28.08
    4. Bumper stickers: $31.45



  1. Reimbursement of Marcus Cassius Iulianus for 17 vexillae sold: $114.75
  2. Eagle reimbursement to Decius Iunius Palladius: $36.86

Ending balance of 4/1/01: $2,007.18


Expenses anticipated, but not yet paid, include an unspecified amount to Helena Galeria for Eagle postage, and $150 to Flavius Vedius Germanicus for the hospitality suite at Roman Days.

Our PayPal account, plus our tax-deductible status, have encouraged donors. The vexillae (flags) continue to sell at a brisk pace.

Nova Roma will need to set up a new account shortly to serve as a separate treasury for the coinage project of Marcus Cassius Iulianus. Since the coins will be technically redeemable for cash, a separate account is needed to be sure we do not draw on these funds for other projects. Cassius will no doubt address the Senate about this separately.

I await word from the Consuls as to the division of labor set forth in earlier plans, so that one Quaestor might supervise the Treasury itself while another does the bookkeeping. If Secunda Cornelia Valeria and I are to share these duties (as I believe is the case), I will begin working with her as soon as I receive word, to implement such a strategy.

I have asked among my fellow Quaestores for a volunteer to write letters of thanks to donors, so that they may have a written record of their tax-deductible gifts.

Other jobs to which an available Quaestor might be assigned include:

  • -- identifying a suitable investment vehicle in which to keep our
  • long-term funds, as set forth in this year's budget.
  • -- publicizing Macellum ventures
  • -- updating and publicizing the Amazon book lists on our Web site
  • -- assisting Cassius in the administration of the coinage project.

15 Aprilis 2754

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