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Program of the current ludi Apollinares

Edictum de Ludis Apollinaribus MMDCCLXIII a.u.c.

Ex Officio Praetricus Equestriae Iuniae Laecae et M. Hortensiae Maioris Quiritibus Novae Romae SPD.

In accordance with tradition, the praetrices will be giving the Ludi Apollinares in honour of Apollo: prid. Non. - III Id. Quinctilis (July 9-13)

All citizens are invited to start inspiring, discussing and encouraging one another in their projects:


photographs, drawings, paintings, metalwork, sculpture, etc..


Original works: music, songs, poems, histories
Classical works: instrumental performance, plays,
"From the very outset I pray to You, Apollo, inventor of music and of all the healing arts, come to my aid and this undertaking; bless it with Your laurel." Ovid Remdia Amoris 75-6

Great Apollo inspire the Quirites; so your name is sung over the four quarters of the earth!

Equestria Iunia Laeca, Praetrix Maior
M. Hortensia Maior, Praetrix Minor [1]

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