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Marca Hortensia Maior

Album Civium

Election MMDCCLX

M. Hortensia Quiritibus spd;

Censors in Nova Roma are responsible for admitting new cives with the proper names. I worked with Censor Buteo Quintilianus and the nomenclature cohors on this very project which he began. Our current censor his adopted son, can confirm this was a lot of hard work! Wonderful work and very gratifying. But I loved nomenclature and even after Gaius Fabius Buteo Quintilianus' term as censor was over I served on the Onomalis list, with the other experts for no titles or points to continue work and research on Roman nomenclature. The other important work of the censor is as regulator of the mos maiorum, regimen morum. But what is the mos maiorum?

This is another great and wonderful area of interest. To help develop an understanding of Romanitas and begin to live it in our daily lives. Not only for myself but for all cives here.

So quirites these are my reasons, I am fortunate to have access to the University of Carolina's excellent classics collection and getting a good reading knowledge of Latin. As evidenced by my past work for the NRwiki, I will share, write articles and post so that Nova Roma can progress and become truly Roman.

May the gods watch over Rome and the Roman people!

Marca Hortensia Maior

civis since 2003:

-Governor of Hibernia
-scriba Censoris Quintiliano Iuris & Investigatio
-Tribuna Plebis
-Plebeian Aedile
-Producer Vox Romana podcast


Gaius Fabius Buteo Modianus S.P.D.

Being a censor I know how challenging it can be to be censor, but having been on the staff of Caeso Fabius Buteo Quintilianus, Marcus Octavius Gracchus, and L. Cornelius Sulla. Having experience as a scribe I can attest was much easier for me in doing the job because I know what is involved. Marca Hortensia Maior were scribae for Caeso Fabius Buteo Quintilianus at the same time, and she knows how the office functions. As a current censor I fully support Marca Hortensia Maior as censor.

Sure she is taking a somewhat different approach going from tribune to censor. However, this was done by Gaius Flavius Diocletianus who went from propraetor to praetor to censor. Hortensia Maior has been a propraetor, a tribune, and a scribe to a censor. I'm convinced she would make an excellent censor and she would be a pleasure to work with.

I encourage the citizens of Nova Roma to vote for her.



An endorsement on the Main List from M Moravius Piscinus:

"I have every confidence in Hortensia heading up the census effort under Censor Modianus for this year. I have worked with her in the cohors censoralis in 2005, last year when she was Aedilis Plebis and I was Tribunus Plebis, and with Vox Romana. I find her to be a spirited and effective team leader who keeps others on schedule in order to get a project accomplished. I will be happy to work with her again on this year's census.

"For similar reasons, I recommend that our Quirites support M. Hortensia as Censor for the 2008-2009 term.


"The best candidate to fulfill Nova Roma's needs in a Censor for next year is Marca Hortensia Maior."

Marca Hortensia Maior Quiritibus SPD;

I don the toga candida and enter the race

I have been a civis since 2003:

-Governor of Hibernia
-scriba Censoris Iuris & Investigatio
-Tribuna Plebis
-Plebeian Aedile

Album civium

In accord with the ways of the Republic I took last year off between public offices. But I still worked for the res publica with Vox Romana podcast, Nrwiki booklists for the cultus deorum: Reading list for the cultus deorum, articles

Magna Mater
Cultus Apollonis
and an online temple to: Fortuna.

I am a proud plebeian & climbed the cursus honorum giving games as plebeian aedile: cursus

You will know what to expect from me, as I will be a censor in the manner of Roma Antiqua. I will preside at all ceremonies and personally honour the cultus deorum.

May we all grow in our Romanitas.

May the di immortales be propitious to us!

Marca Hortensia Maior

candidate for Censor

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