Marcus Martianius Lupus (Election MMDCCLX)

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Marcus Martianius Lupus

Album Civium

Election MMDCCLX

Marcus Martiánius Lupus Omnes Civibus Novae Romae S.P.D.

I would like to declare my candidacy for the office of Diribitor in MMDCCLXI a.u.c. (2008 CE).

I am a Plebeian, a citizen of Nova Roma since 29 Aprilus 2007, and assidui from this year. I am of the Gens Martiánia and am quietly working to build up my corner of California Provincia in Hawaii.

Although I am a new citizen of our Rés Pública, I know I will be able to fulfill the duties of this important office. The Diribitors have the responsibility of counting votes. I have had practical experience with elections, having organized and conducted three separate elections during the time I was the financial secretary-treasurer of our local union. Providing an accurate tally of votes is a large responsibility; I know I will be able to perform this duty.

The "Magistracies (Nova Roma)" describes these men -- "In antiquity the diribitors were typically young men who had just completed their military service. The office of diribitor is a traditional first step toward the Cursus Honorum." Well, I am 60 years young and completed my military service many years ago. However I am taking this first step toward the Cursus Honorum. I want to take an active part not only to promote Nova Roma but also to serve the Republic by taking part in its politics. I assure you that if elected Diribitor, I will perform the duties of this office to the best of my abilities.

I ask you to support my candidacy.


M. Martiánius Lupus

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