Marcus Moravius Piscinus Horatianus (Election MMDCCLX)

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Marcus Moravius Piscinus Horatianus

Album Civium

Election MMDCCLX

M. Moravius Piscinus Horatianus Senator civibus Novae Romae, Quiritibus, omnes salutem plurimam dicit: Sitis bonus felixque

Having consulted with my Lares and having taken favorable auspices, I, Marcus Moravius Piscinus Horatianus, don the toga candida and humbly enter the Forum once more as candidate for Consul of our Res Publica Libera for the year AUC MMDCCLXI.

I first became a citizen in June 2000 CE, assiduus in 2005, and Senator in 2006. Twice has it been my honor to have been elected Tribunus Plebis in Nova Roma, for 2001 and 2006. I have also served as accensus to Consul L. Arminius Faustus, scriba censoris to Caeso Fabius Buteo Quintilianus and scriba aedilis to Titus Iulius Sabinus and this year to Iulia Caesar Cytheris Aege on the Magna Mater Project. Currently I also sit on the Senate Audit Committee. In 2000 I was one of the original founders of both the Sodalitas Latinitas and Musarum. Currently I am Flamen Carmentalis and previously served as Flamen Cerealis, while I also remain a Procurator and Sacerdos Lacus Magni, and was formerly a Legatus Lacus Magni.

In addition to Nova Roma I have been involved in other groups and organizations in our greater community of gentiles Romani et cultores Deorum. I have served on the Board of Advisors to the Temple of the Religio Romana in California and as advisor to the Temple Terranova of Philadelphia. Likewise I have assisted others, individually or in groups, who are interested in the religio Romana. I remain active as an ordained minister of the ULC and have traveled to different parts of the US to perform Roman ritual.

Twice I have served as Consul of the Societas Via Romana; in fact I was SVR's first elected Consul. I have also twice served in SVR as Rector of the Collegium Religiosum, as Pontifex Maximus, Augur, and Flamen Cerealis. Currently I am one of the Curatores of SVR.

At Academia Thules I have previously taught classes on Roman ritual as a Praeceptor and was appointed Decanus Facultatis Theologiae

More than just an accumulation of titles, there is a diverse range of experience that I can bring to the office of Consul. I have led intelligence teams while serving as an analyst for the US Army, supervised stations for the US Postal Service, owned and operated restaurants, and was the CEO of a small corporation. In addition I am an active member of such advocacy groups as the ACLU, the Sons of Italy, and the National Organization for Women while I have also worked for such charitable organizations as the American Cancer Society, the Heart Association, and American Lung Association.

Nova Roma is a not-for-profit social, educational, and religious organization, composed of volunteer Citizens. It depends upon the charitable contributions of its members and of others. It depends upon the volunteer work of its Citizens. It needs the kind of leadership that can work with individual Citizens, with project teams, with diverse groups, and with a body of Citizens from diverse backgrounds, bringing people together for common goals. I have the experience of both working in similar organizations and in providing the type of leadership that Nova Roma needs. Not only am I asking that you support my candidacy and vote for me in the upcoming election, but I ask also that you join with me in a collective effort to revitalize Nova Roma.

Vive semper Res Publica Libera Novae Romae

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