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The European Roman Festival is organized in Novae - Moesia between 26th of June and 29th of June MMDCCLXI a.U.c.


Nova Roman delegation

Nova Roman deputation to Novae Roman Festival is composed of:


Historical festival about ancient Rome and barbarians: legionaries defend the Empire from barbarians, with participants from Italy, Hungary, Germany, Romania, Czech Republic, Russia etc., and for the first time - from Bulgaria - are going to recreate the life, combat skills and culture of the Great Roman Empire in Svishtov on June 27, 28 and 29th, 2008.

The official website of the event:


Thursday, June 26

-3 pm: Municipality Svishtov - opening of the International Archaeological Conference dedicated to the Roman town Novae.
-7 pm: Closing of the Conference.
-8:30 pm: Arrival of the "Fire of Vesta" at Novae in a Roman boat. Reception of the Fire at Pametnitsite Park. Ignition of the Fire.
-8:35 pm: Pyrotechnical opening show.

Friday, June 27

-10 am: Participation of the legiones in the commemoration of Svishtov's Liberation Day activities at Pametnitsite Park.
-11:30 am: Lustratio Exercitus (purification ritual) at the Legionary Camp (city stadium).
-1 pm: Opening of the Market, Castra Legionaria and the Barbarian encampments (at Svoboda city square and city stadium).
-1:30 pm: Opening of the Slave Market (at city center).
-3 pm: Opening of the reconstructed Villa Extra Muros (Archaeological site of Novae).
-4 pm: First combat between legionaries and barbarians for the liberation of slaves.
-5 pm: Gladiator fights (Amphitheater Kaleto).
-6 pm: Consecration of the Nova Roman flag (city stadium).
-7 pm: Legions and barbarians parade (from the city stadium to the city center).
-8 pm: Roman dance show (Amphitheater Kaleto).
-9 pm: Cena Libera Gladiatoria.

Saturday, June 28

-10 am: Opening of the Antique market (city center).
-10 am: Opening at Villa Extra Muros of a buffet with Roman pastry and meals (Archaeological site of Novae).
-11 am: Opening of the barbarian camps - exercises, demonstrations (city stadium).
-12:30 am: The Dance of Salii ritual (city center).
-2 pm: Roman dances show (city center).
-4 pm: Gladiatorial fights (city center).
-6 pm: Fight between legionaries and barbarians (city stadium).
-7 pm: Legionary funeral ritual (city stadium).
-7:30 pm: Big Nova Roman sacrifice to the Gods (city stadium).
-8 pm: Parade of the fancy dress participants (from the city stadium to the city center).
-10 pm: Ritual of Mithra, at night (city center).
-10:20 pm: Music concert (city center).

Sunday, June 29

-10 am: Opening of a stand with Roman make-up and hair-styles, buffet with Roman pastry and meals, at the Villa Extra Muros.
-11 am: Opening of the military camp - exercises and demonstrations.
-11 am: Opening of the Antique market.
-11:30 am: Stela Votiva ceremony (at Archaeological site of Novae).
-1 pm: Roman dance show (city center).
-2:30 pm: Legionary wedding ritual (city center).
-4 pm: Gladiatorial combats (city center).
-5:30 pm: Ludi Moesici - four groups or town districts, wearing four different colors, will compete in contest (chariots racing or gladiatorial fights).
-6 pm: The Great Battle at the Military camp.
-9 pm: The Great Parade of Triumph under torch lights.
-10 pm: Extinguishing the "Fire of Vesta" and final closing fireworks show.


  • Italy:
- Legio I Italica - The Legio I Italica is a cultural association that deals of the reconstruction of the Roman Empire, not only in its military aspects, but also in common life.
- Gruppo di danze antiche di Villadose - This group is part of the Archaeological Group of Villadose. From many years studying, it proposed ballets experiments in Italy and in Europe dances that probably could be admired. During the festival days, the group of with their dances and banquets, will host the civilians rites.
- Gruppo storico la commenda - The Group Commenda The Town was born in Calerno (Reggio Emilia) in 2000, taking it name from the structure calernese dell'Hospitale Sancti Laurentij, then Jerusalem Commenda of Saints John and Lorenzo (1107 - 1798). The group split again living medieval and Renaissance: appreciated and needed by prestigious historical, lupanare (for secc. XIV and XVI) and leprosarium are reproduced through clothes, accessories and furnishings. At Novae this group becomes a lupanare of the first century after Christ.
- Terra Taurina - Terra Taurina is an association, but also a group of friends, which works through publications, meetings, conferences and events to safeguard and divulge the historical, linguistic, traditional and artistic patrimony of Piemontese and Aosta Valley’s territory, seeking those bonds with more ancient roots and our more deep values.
- Compagnia del Cardo e del Brugo - The cultural association of Company of Cardo and Brugo dorn in winter of 1999, from passion for culture celto-Norwegian Highland of a group of friends and evolves, in the Group of Historical Recalling that chooses his date of birth the feast of Imbolc 2002 (02/02/02). The Group of Historical Recalling reconstructs two distinct periods and populations: celtoliguri Iriates, who in the third century BC populated ligure Appennino's and celtic-norvegias from the Highlands of X century AD
- Confederatione teuta lingones - The confederation teuta lingones, was born in September 2006 and brings together the three teuta lingones in our beautiful land Po valley : teuta lingones boar white teuta lingones ravens, teuta boico lingones of archers yr. By a strong these here reunited by friendship and a common purpose, commit forces, passions and resources to put the maximum effort in which they love: recalling the historic Celtics.

  • United States:
- Nova Roma - Nova Roma is an international organization dedicated to the study and restoration of ancient Roman culture. From its founding to 330 CE, when it ceased to be the center of Imperial authority, Rome laid the foundation for our modern Western civilization. Founded 2,750 years after the Eternal City itself, Nova Roma seeks to bring back those golden times, not through the sword and the legions, however, but through the spread of knowledge and through our own virtuous example.

  • Hungary:
- Nova Roma Pannonia - Nova Roma Pannonia is part of Nova Roma, one of the most important international organizations dedicated to the study and restoration of ancient Roman culture.

  • Bulgaria:
- Cohors I Thracorum Ulpiana Cives Romanorum - This group of auxiliary was created for fighting alongside the various cohorts who will participate in this event, during the battles taking place these days, full but we hope that this new group will become a vexillatio of Legio I Italica in these places of our history.

  • Czech Republic & Slovakia:
- Legio X Gemina Pia Fidelis - This group is made up of legionaires from Czech Republic and Slovakia. They represent a legion of the Imperial era, Legio X Gemina Pia Fidelis.
- Celtica Boiove & Fergunna - The growing interest in reenactement leaded in 2004 to creation of the groups Boiové and Fergunna concerning about this matter. Both groups colaborate very closely in reconstruction of celtic life in 2nd and 3th century b.c. in Hercing forest. Objective of groups in colaboration with archaeologists is to reconstruct civil life, handcrafts and military life of our predecesors - the Celts.

  • Russia:
- Cohors II Mattiacorum Equitata - The Cohors II has historically fought in Lower Moesia with Trajan wars against Dacians occasion. This is a group of auxiliary Legio V Macedonica from Moscow and Sankt Petersburg

  • Romania:
- Nova Roma Dacia - Nova Roma Dacia is part of Nova Roma, one of the most important international organizations dedicated to the study and restoration of ancient Roman culture.

  • Germania:
- Ask Alemannen - The cultural Ask alamannische group offers a cultural representation on the basis of archaeological finds and historical research. We develop a tangible image of the Germans - especially the Alemans - that helps, people to undestand political and religions idiologies of that ancient people.

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