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Officina Interpreter Romanian is Key Path Task Force Member: a multilingual project to improve the core navigation documents of this site.




Members of this office are responsible for providing official translations in Romanian of:

  • Nova Roma website.
  • Leges, Plebiscita, Senatus Consulta, Priestly Decreta, and Magisterial Edicta in force.
  • Other official announcements.


Visit the planning page for details.


Edictum I: de creatione scribarum

Ex officio Interpreter Romanian.

Ex hoc edicto, cives scribas meos una cum officiis privilegiisque omnibus praescriptis legibus Novae Romae designo: Gaius Tullius Niger et Oppius Fabius Montanus scribae creantur. Quidquam ius iurandum non poscentur. Hoc edictum statim valet. Datum sub manu mea ante diem XIII Kal. Aprilis MMDCCLXI a.U.c. M. Moravio T. Iulio cos.

I hereby appoint the following citizens as my scribae, together with all the obligations and privileges prescribed by the laws of Nova Roma: Gaius Tullius Niger and Oppius Fabius montanus are appointed scribae. They shall not be required to make any kind of oath. This edict is effective immediately. Given under my hand this day 20th of March 2761 a.U.c in the consulship of M. Moravius and T. Iulius.

T. Iulius Sabinus - Interpreter Romanian


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