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Do not edit it without previous authorization given exclusively by Aedilitas curulis staff.

You will find below Poncianus Sergius Caesar, Gaius Arminius Reccanellus's auriga's official detailed points value information.
(updated on Oct. 17, 2008).


The points tables


Poncianus Sergius Caesar

Points Raw Bon./Mal. Total
Technical : -- 0 --
Experience : -- none --
Victory : -- none --
Total : -- 0 --
File:Xxx..JPG Erebus
Points Raw Bon./Mal. Total
Technical : -- -- --
Experience : -- none --
Victory : -- none --
Total : -- -- --
Poncianus Sergius Caesar on Erebus
Points Total
Technical : --
Experience : --
Victory : --
Total : --

n.b. : the color of the tables head cells is the color of the Factio which supports the auriga and his rig.

Tables notes

Raw points

In fact, there is just one real 'raw' points category : the technical one. For the experience or victory points are not subject to any modulation.

The technical raw points are the set of the abilities of the hero (auriga, gladiator, fera). They are given when the hero first enter Nova Roma Ludi and may be modified with time, increasing or decreasing.

A tiro - i.e. a new hero entering her/his first Ludi contest - will begin with the same set of 8 raw technical points. This amount of 8 points is obtained adding the following abilities points (one initial point for each ability):

  • power
  • stamina
  • stability
  • dynamic balance (of the body in the chariot basket)
  • decisional ability
  • nerve
  • horses driving
  • tactical mind.


Abbreviation for bonus/malus, it designs a modulation parameter that includes 4 elements:

  • The 3 first elements concern the auriga. They are the age, the weight and the height of the hero.

These three elements are important:

- age: the younger your hero is, the stronger and more resistant (s)he can be, but the less experienced too;
- weight: in a chariot, a feather light auriga can be an inconvenient, as well as a too heavy one. Same reflections can be made for gladiators and animals;
- height: a tall woman or man in an essedum may impress the horses, but may impress them too much, while a small auriga may offer similar defaults or advantages.

The aediles enter the age, weight and height that you have chosen for your hero in a predefined table, which is not published. This table provide a value modifier for every case, concerning the influence of these 3 factors on your hero's technical abilities, but also, for the Circenses, on his rig, i.e. on her/his horses *and* box.

The addition of all these datas, consequences of your age-weight-height, gives either a bonus (it gives additional points) or a malus (it withdraws points) or more barely a neutral result (zero), in regard of your raw technical points.

  • The fourth element, which is available only for Circenses rigs and heroes, is the weight of the rig's box, i.e. the wooden chariot itself.

Similarly, it will influence the performances of your auriga, of your horses, and of itself. A too light box will fly over the Circus podium like a bird, but a too heavy one will make your driver and your horses tiring.

Here too, you have to define yourself this weight, that you cannot change as long as you will use the same chariot box. This weight modifies, as the three above elements, the driver and chariot raw performances.

Note that in the case of a gladiator, only the first three elements are taken into account, naturally.

Experience, victory and cursus points

Experience and victory points

They are obtained entering races or fights, and winning them. Experience and victory points are added.

  • Experience points

A hero gets:

- 1 pt each time (s)he begins a race or a fight;
- 2 pts each time (s)he ends a race or a fight.

It is well about 'a race or a fight', and not a 'competition', 'contest' or group of races or fights. Thus, in a Ludus which is organized in three rounds (for ex. quarterfinals, semifinals and finals), both finalists will enter 3 races or fights, and one of both will automatically ends all of them.

This new feature awards the hero(es), and their owners, who watch entering regularly our Games. A hero who would never win but would enter every Ludi who have good chances being well classified.

  • Victory points

A hero gets:

- 6 pts each time (s)he wins a contest;
- 4 pts each time (s)he looses in the Finals of the contest.

Here, both Finalists of every competition are rewarded.

Cursus points

This is another way to call the addition experience + victory points. They will play at your profit, in fights or races, at certain conditions.

Autonomy of your hero and of your rig

In the Circenses (naturally the following lines has no sense in Munera!), your driver and your rig and two elements of a same racing team.

In the race, their respective points are added, and the most each one has initially, the more chances you have to win, although Fortuna will still bring a marginal alea.

This is why you have in this page a cumulative table which gives the added points of the rig and of his usual driver.

But keeping in mind the autonomy of both elements is useful if you are to replace one of them, or if you want to take benefit of the fame of a rig, and sell it, for example.

In this page, the Chariot table may contain, in experience and victoy points lines, a mention like "see XX", where XX is your usual driver. This is just a convenient writing.

If the owner were to need having written down these informations, the experience and victory points would be naturally updated so that your rig be duly credited with all his magna facta.

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