Prayers to Janus

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Ausonius 3.5

Janus, come! The New Year is here, come and renew the sun.

Cato De Agricultura 134

Father Janus, to You I pray with good prayers, offering You this pile of cakes, so that You might willing be favorable to me and my children, to my home and household.

Father Janus, for the same reasons given in the good prayers I prayed while offering You piled cakes, may You accept and be honor by this portion of wine I pour.

Festus s. v. Chaos

Janus, who was before all the Gods, to whom our parents first invoked in their prayers, from whom all things proceed.

Horace Satires 2.6.20-21

Father Matutinus, or else Janus, if You so prefer to hear, regarded by men as the beginning of works and life's labors, so does it please the Gods, may You begin my song.

Livy 1.32.10

Hear, 0 Jupiter, and You Janus Quirinus, and all You heavenly Gods, and You gods of earth and of the lower world, hear me! I call You to witness that this people is unjust and does not fulfill its sacred obligations.

Livy 8.9.6

Janus, Jupiter, Mars Pater, Quirinus, Bellona, Lares, Divi Novensiles, Di Indigetes, Gods who have power over us and our enemies, and You Manes, to You I pray, I venerate, I ask Your divine favor and beseech You, that You prosper the virtuous might and victory of the Roman People, the Quirites, and upon the enemies of the Roman People, the Quirites, may You afflict them with terror, fear, and death. As I have pronounced the words, even so on behalf of the Republic of the Roman People, the Quirites, and of the Army, the legions and the auxiliaries of the Roman People, the Quirites, do I devote myself and with me the legions and auxiliaries of our enemies to the gods of the Underworld and to Mother Earth.

Martial Epigrammata 8.2.8

May You give, Father Janus, what we ask of You.

Martial Epigrammata 8.8.1-6

Janus, though You begin each fleeting year, and renew the long ages wherever You appear, though vows and incense are piously first offered to You, and the consuls begin each year by laying offerings at Your feet, still there is no more joy for You to know than that our divine emperor (Domitian) returns from the northern climes.

Martial Epigrammata 10.28.1-2

Sower of the years, Janus, beginning of the shining and most beautiful world, with You begins our prayers and public vows.

Ovid Fasti1.65-70

Biformed Janus, source of years gliding by in silence, who alone among the immortal celestials sees his own back, come, attend our nobles as Your guests, those whose labors secure delightful pastimes for the earth, and peace on earth, peace on the seas. Attend and bless Your Senators and those of the people of Rome, the Quirites, and with a nod open Your gleaming gates onto peaceful precincts.

Ovid Fasti 1.172

Janus, though I propitiate other Gods, I do offer wine and cakes to You first, so that I may obtain access through You, Janus, to any of the other Gods I may call upon.

Ovid Fasti 1.287

Janus, make peace and the servants of peace eternal. Grant that the author of peace may not desert his work.

Plautus Cistellaria 520

Thus is it true, by Jupiter, by Juno, and by Janus.

Varro Lingua Latinae 7.26 In the Carmen Salii

Arise, O Consus, arise. All things, truly, I entrust to Patulcium the Opener. Now You are Janus the Gatekeeper, now Cerus the Good Creator, now Janus the God of Good Beginnings. Come, now most especially, You who are the better of these kings.

Varro Lingua Latinae 7.27 In the Carmen Salii

Dance before the Father of the Gods, give thanks to the God of Gods.

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