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Welcome to the Project Services page of the Senate Public Enterprise Committee (SPEC)

Do you have an idea for a project, within Nova Roma, either to run one yourself, or which you just think would be a good idea? Do you have absolutely no idea where to start with building and executing it? Do you need the help of other citizens? We can assist you with advice, promotion and where necessary taking your idea direct to the Senate so that it can become an official project. You can partner with us so that we can offer unbiased opinions as to the viability and risks/benefits of your idea. Remember, you may not be the first citizen to have the idea so don't be downcast if you find out yours is not an original idea, and just because that idea never came to fruition in the past does not mean it isn't a great idea for today! It may not have worked in the past for many reasons but the idea itself may be excellent. Even if we think your original idea isn't feasible, you might manage to develop further ideas from it.


Contact the SPEC for more information or to submit your idea for a project, by using the online email tool here and sending your message to the IT Task Force. They will forward it on to the SPEC.

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