Provincia Alasca et Havaia - Annual Report Covering 2766 AUC (Nova Roma)

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Alasca et Havaia

Nova Roma

SPQR-NRLogo2.png Marcus Pompeius Caninus

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America Boreoccidentalis report for 2766 AUC

  1. I made personal contact with all citizens listed in the Album Civiun as living in the province and active.
  2. I reached out to Manius Titinius Silvanus and asked him to be involved in the province as a sacerdos by offering a few rituals. He performed a special ritual for the benefit of the province of America Boreoccidentalis on the Nemoralia (August 12, 2013).
  3. In my contact with formerly active citizens, I made an attempt to bring Gaia Maria Marcella back into Nova Roma as an active citizen. She paid her taxes, resubscribed to the Main List, and returned as an assidua in 2766 AUC.
  4. I organized and sponsored the prizes for the ludi Volturnalia and the Consuales ludi online as governor.

M. Pompeius Caninus
Former governor of America Boreoccidentalis

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