Provincia Alasca et Havaia - Edictum 2767-01 (Nova Roma)

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Alasca et Havaia

Nova Roma

SPQR-NRLogo2.png Marcus Pompeius Caninus

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Edictum 2767-01 Praetore M. Pompeii Canini de Sacerdote Provinciae nominando
Edictum 2767-01 of Praetor M. Pompeius Caninus regarding the appointment of a Provincial Sacerdos

Whereas Provincia Alasca et Havaia does not have an active provincial sacerdos, and because practice and precedent set in other provinciae permits simultaneous Provincial Sacerdotium and Governorship roles filled by the same person, and because the provincial development of Alasca et Havaia requires the establishment and maintenance of a local priesthood:

I. I hereby appoint myself, Marcus Pompeius Caninus, as Sacerdos of Provincia Alasca et Havaia to fulfill the following functions:

A. Special Obligations
1) To lead and supervise the religious life of Alasca et Havaia;
2) conduct public sacrifices and observe religious festivities;
3) promote the Religio Romana in Alasca et Havaia; and,
4) ensure all such activities follow the forms, guidance and authority of the central religious government.

B. Universal Obligations
1) To access the internet regularly, at least once a week, to read and respond to e-mails; and,
2) to inform the citizenry of Alasca et Havaia on the provincial mailing list and/or by direct email of the date(s) of any absence that may interfere with weekly contact.

II. This Edictum becomes effective immediately.

Given the 6th of January, MMDCCLXVII AUC
Datum ante diem VIII Idus Ianuarias St. Cornelia C. Aemilio cos. MMDCCLXVII AUC

M. Pompeius Caninus

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