Provincia Brasilia - Edictum Provinciale XI (Nova Roma)

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Edictum Provinciale XI: Dismissal of apparitores

Edictum Provinciale XI

Dismissal of apparitores

The roman government was very attached to the concepts of changing Imperium and Potestas, and we, magistrates of Nova Roma, must be close to it.

As the demography of the Province changes, we must change as well.

According to LEX ARMINIA DE RATIONE EDICTIS and following the ending of Imperium of my Illustrious predecessor on propraetorship of Brasilia province, as I’ve said many times on my speeches on the provincial list, the following legates are hereby dismissed due to the Imperium change: Manius Villius Limitanus and Titus Horatius Atticus. The following scribas are hereby dismissed: Sextus Arminius Remus, Lucius Arminius Metellus, Titus Arminius Volusius and Titus Arminius Genialis.

I look foward to gather again all of them on new distribution as they show interest. I thank them all by the efforts and desire having all around again once more.

Vale bene in pacem deorum,
L. Arminius Faustus - Propraetor

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