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Edictum Fourteen - Expansion of Provincial Administration


I, Quintus Sertorius, Propraetor Canada Occidentalis, issue the following Edicta to announce the expansion of the Provincia Administration. These changes are adopted from those created by the Propraetor of the Provincia of Thule.

1. The Propraetor Canada Occidentalis may appoint one Senior Legatus, this could be a separate position or held together with one of the Legatus Regionis positions. The Senior Legatus shall function as Deputy to the Propraetor when so ordered by the Propraetor Canada Occidentalis. The Propraetor shall publish an edictum for each occasion that the Senior Legatus shall function as his Deputy. The Edictum shall include directives for the assignment including time for the assignment and the actual task. The Senior Legati can also be assigned special missions, aside the assignments as Deputy, by the Propraetor Canada Occidentalis. These missions and the duration of them will be specified in Propraetorian edicts. The appointment and dismissal of the Senior Legatus shall follow the same rules as for the other Legati.

2. The Propraetor may appoint a "Consilium Provinciale Canada Occidentalis" (The Provincial Council of Canada Occidentalis) to advice the Propraetor, who shall act as Chairman and call the Consilium to order. The Consilium shall consider only those issues put forward to it by the Propraetor Canada Occidentalis; the Consilium cannot in itself put issues on the agenda, although its members can make such suggestion personally to the Propraetor. The Propraetor shall act as Secterarius for the Consilium and keep the minutes. The Propraetor can, as he wishes, decide to not follow the counsel of the Consilium Provinciale Canada Occidentalis. Members will be all Legates and Prolegates, including the Senior Legatus. The Propraetor will also be able to call other cives to sit in the Consilium, these members will be called "Consiliarius" or "Consiliaria".

Consiliarii can be appointed or dismissed at any time by the Propraetor Canada Occidentalis. The Consiliarii normally sits for the same period as the Legati. The Consilium will not function to exclude cives, but to unite the provincial leadership so that it in its turn can function as a centre for all communication, work and contact within the Provincia. Procedures for the Consilium will be decided by the Propraetor.

3. The Propraetor Canada Occidentalis shall appoint a "Praeco Aranei Canada Occidentalis" (Provincial webmaster, Crier of the Web of Canada Occidentalis) for the homepage for Provincia Canada Occidentalis and a "Praefectus Sermonis Canada Occidentalis" (Provincial List Moderator, Head of Speech of Canada Occidentalis) to arrange for the administration of the Canada Occidentalis e-mail list. The Praeco Aranei Canada Occidentalis and the Praefectus Sermonis Canada Occidentalis can be appointed or dismissed at any time by the Propraetor Canada Occidentalis.

4. The leadership (the Consilium) of the Provincia, shall work together to make Nova Roma and Canada Occidentalis strong in all possible ways: Roman Religio, personal meetings, seminars/conferences, financial work, other work within Nova Roma and so on. The Propraetor shall, as the Provincia get enough enthusiastic cives, appoint "Procuratores" for each of these activities.

For now the Propraetor will act as Procurator Aerarium(Provincial Quaestor), until such time as this position can be filled by a willing civis. The Propraetor shall also appoint one position to deal with external contacts (external contacts with universities, museums, schools, mass media and other interesting organizations), who will be called "Legatus ad Res Externas" (Legate for External Affairs), who also will have to keep in touch with the Sodalitas Egressus. All Procuratores and the Legatus ad Res Externas can be appointed or dismissed at any time by the Propraetor Canada Occidentalis.

5. The Propraetor Canada Occidentalis shall appoint a Legatus Militum (Military Tribune) who is responsible for all contacts with re-enactment Legions and showing Roman military uniforms and weapon on Roman days and the like. The Legatus Militia also is responsible for all military studies of the Roman army and navy, within Provincia Canada Occidentalis. The Propraetor Canada Occidentalis may appoint a young man or woman to the position of Contubernalis Provincia (Provinsial Adjutant), the personal military assistant to the Propraetor. The Legatus Militum and the Contubernalis Provincia can be appointed or dismissed at any time by the Propraetor Canada Occidentalis.

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