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Edictum One - Adoption of an Administrative Plan Promulgated by Qunitus Sertorius

I Ianuarius MMDCCLIV


For administrative purposes, the Provincia of CO will be divided into three Regiones, each of which will be assigned a Legatus, who will deal with the day-to-day operations of their Regio. Please see below for information on each of the Regios, including the responsibilities of the Legati, and the precise geographical borders of each Regio. The details of the administrative system by which the Provincia will adopt may also be viewed.

The Provincia of CO will be divided for administrative purposes into three Regios:

Agassiz (Manitoba/Saskatchewan), Athabasca (Alberta/The Territories), and Columbia (British Columbia). One Legatus will be assigned to each Regio, and is responsible for the day-to-day administration of their Regio, whilst the Praetor oversees the administration of the Provincia as a whole. This document gives precise details of the administrative structure to be used in CO, under three main headings: A. Regio, Legati Title, and Area; B. Administrative Infrastructure; and C. Duties and Responsibilities for the Legati of Canada Occidentalis.

A. Regio, Legati Title, and Area.

1. AGASSIZ (Legatus Canada Occidentalis Agassiz) Area = equivalent to the modern Provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

2. ATHABASCA (Legatus Canada Occidentalis Athabasca) Area = equivalent to the modern Province of Alberta and the Territories.

3. COLUMBIA (Legatus Canada Occidentalis Columbia) Area = equivalent to the modern Province of British Columbia.

B. Administrative Infrastructure

1.The Legati CO must provide the Praetor CO with the standard contact information. The Praetor will keep records of these details, and ensure that all Legati know how to contact both the Praetor and the other Legati. The primary method of administrative communication will be via e-mail, with mail and telephone being used when e-mail is not available.

2.The names of the Legati CO will be displayed, with their positions, on the CO website, with links to their e-mail addresses. Prospective citizens will be encouraged to contact the Legatus for their Regio as a line of first enquiry. There will be separate pages on the CO website for each Regio. Legati are also encouraged to establish web sites for their Regios, which will then be linked to the CO website.

3.The Praetor of CO will appoint Legati, whose positions will be reaffirmed each year on the first of January, by the Praetor. When a legateship becomes open, the Praetor shall invite all citizens in the relevant Regio to put themselves forward as candidates for office. All citizens residing within that Regio shall be eligible to stand for such office. Where more than one citizen puts themselves forward for office, the choice of Legatus shall be at the Praetor's discretion, to be determined by any means deemed appropriate.

4.The Praetor CO shall at all times retain the right of veto over all actions of the Legati.

5.All Legati shall retain the right to resign from their positions at any time, without penalty, and without the need to provide a reason for their resignation.

C. Duties and Responsibilities for the Legati of Canada Occidentalis

1.The Legati CO will establish and maintain personal contacts as far as is possible with the citizens resident in the Regio for which they are responsible. The Legati shall act as a point of first contact and enquiry for interested prospective citizens, and are asked to offer advice to such prospective citizens concerning application for Nova Roman citizenship, information, etc. The Legati shall also act as a point of first contact for existing citizens, to whom they are also asked to offer advice relating to any aspect of Nova Roma to the best of their abilities.

2.The Legati are encouraged to correspond regularly with the Praetor CO, reporting new developments or events in their Regios, and asking advice where necessary. The Legati will also actively seek advice and direction from the Provinica Praetor, and be prepared to assist the Praetor in any projects that are undertaken concerning CO. To ensure a minimum degree of communication, Legati are required to present reports on their Regios to the Praetor twice yearly, on or near the 31 March and 30 September. These reports may be brief, but should outline, to the best of the Legatus' knowledge, the current population of his or her Regio, the events which have been held in connection with Nova Roma during the past six months in his or her Regio, the plan for the next six months, and any further information which the Legatus may deem useful or necessary. Failure to produce such reports within one month of the expected date, without good reason or prior explanation may result in the dismissal of the Legatus by the Praetor.

3.The Legati CO are encouraged to participate in further activities to promote Nova Roma, and the Provincia. Legati will make contacts with local institutions in order to facilitate the exchange of information.

4.The Legati CO shall take care of the day-to-day administration of the Regios for which they are responsible, but they shall remain at all times subordinate, and answerable to the Praetor CO. If at any time the Praetor has cause to believe that an individual Legatus is failing to fulfill his or her duties to a reasonable standard, or indulging in activities which are illegal under Canadian law, the Praetor will contact the Legatus to be warned of the possible consequences of such action, and ask for an improvement in standards. If no, or an inadequate response, is forthcoming, the Praetor may dismiss the Legatus, and arrange for the appointment of a new Legatus as a replacement.

5.The Praetor CO may appoint magistrates, to be known as Praefectus, to administer the Provincial Nova Roman populations of individual towns or areas. The Legati may recommend suitable candidates for these offices from amongst all citizens resident in the relevant town or area. The Praefectus CO shall administer Provincial Nova Roma operations for their particular locations, but will at all times be subordinate to, first the Praetor CO, and secondly to the Legatus governing that particular Regio. The Praefectus CO shall be proactive in organizing and administering their areas of responsibility, and be prepared to provide assistance to any Provincia activities. The Praefectus CO shall provide a report, twice yearly on or near the 1 March and 1 September, to the Praetor CO, with a copy to be provided the Legatus of that particular Regio, The Praetor CO only shall at all times retain the right of veto over all actions of the Praefectus CO. All Praefecti CO shall retain the right to resign from their positions at any time, without penalty, and without the need to provide a reason for their resignation.

6.Candidates for the office of Legatus, and Perfectus CO should be aware that participation in rites pertaining to the Religio Romana (the pagan state religion of Nova Roma) might be required of them in the course of their duties. Should such participation cause difficulties for prospective Legati, they are advised not to apply for the post.

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