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Edictum Two - Adoption of a Provincial Budget 2001-2002


I, Quintus Sertorius, Praetor Canada Occidentalis, issue Edicta#2 to announce the following budget for the Provincia Canada Occidentalis, covering the period Jan 2001 to Jan 2002. This is being supplied according to the Senatus Consultum de Provincialum Pecuniarum Rationibus on Provincial Budgets issued on June 14, 2000, which declares, that, "all propraetores of Nova Roma must submit to the Senate budgets for their provinces for the year 2754 AUC by the Kalends of November, 2753 AUC (November 1st, 2000)". As our Provincia has had no Praetor until 1 Jan 2001, we have not been able to submit one before that time. This budget will cover the following; I. Expanses, II. Revenue, III. Description of fundraising activities planned, IV. Description of Provincial activities necessitating expenditure.

I Expenses

The following is a list of expenses that are anticipated to be incurred this year. -$120 for one year Internet for Website. -$ 30 for phone and mail. -$ 50 for starting bank account, misc. expenses, and for an initial balance.

II Revenue

The initial expenses for this fiscal year will be covered by a donation to the Provincia from the Praetor of $200.

III Description of fundraising activities planned

We will register CO as a Non-profit organization, and once this is done we intend to apply for a Lotteries License. We than plan for future fundraising events, and put together a proposal for CO that will be used to apply for any government cultural grants available, and more importantly for Corporate grants. So we will lobby Corporations to ask for Tax Deductible donations.

IV Description of Provincial activities necessitating expenditure

The only activity that will incur expenses this year will be concerning communications, and are listed in the expenses section of this budget. Should more revenue be collected then is estimated in this budget, than such funds will be used to get some of the Provincial projects off the ground.

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