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Novaroman provincia of GALLIA is in Western Europe and covers the territory of current states of France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Netherlands.

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Publius Memmius Albucius

(Leg. pp.)
Epistola DECEMBRIS 2760 legati pro praetore

Salvete Galli!

In December, Nova Roma has yet almost all of its "designati" magistrates for next year, 2761 a.u.c.. Three major events have marked these elections: first they knew recurrent problems of organization. Second, a couple of promising consuls have been elected : Marcus Moravius Piscinus and Titus Iulius Sabinus. Third, Galerius won the censorate vs. Hortensia, probably because the electors did not like that however dedicated Hortensia did not run for praetor and consul before running for censor.

Consul Galerius is thus ending his consulate, the same way he managed it all this year long : with good intents.

Our consul - for the other one has finished... doing nothing - thus presents the comitia populi a Lex de curso honorum. As most of Galerius's texts, this draft must be read from the first to the last line. The major part of the text is thus very interesting, until a clause IX which proposes that no magistrate, from aedile, shall be authorized, from next Jan. 2761 on, to run for the next step before one year.

Precisely when we miss people to fill the offices, and curiously just when Galerius himself has just finished his cursus, he is acting as if he would like to de-motivate or disdain people, specially new ones, who precisely may bring fresh ideas and strenghts to Nova Roma. A strong opposition seems to organize itself against this text.

Ah, last! The Senat is currently in session, and has welcome new senators on Nonas, adlected by the Censors. There are, including your obedient servants, nine new senators, while four members are removed from the Album senatorium, including our ghost consul Lucius Arminius Faustus. We might have new magistri araenarii and a new governor for Germania, but the big issues remain how to cope with the difficulty for the consuls to get financial informations from holder of accounts P. Cassia and how to drive the Pontifex maximus and the collegium pontificum to be more present in Nova Roma's life...

P. Memmius Albucius

Gallia and its territorial organization
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