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Novaroman provincia of GALLIA is in Western Europe and covers the territory of current states of France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Netherlands.

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CIV-Publius Memmius Albucius.jpg

Publius Memmius Albucius

(Leg. pp.)
Epistola NOVEMBRIS 2760 legati pro praetore

Salvete Galli!

As in every month of November, our Nova Roma central forum will draw everyone's attention. For this the elections month! The campaign will soon begins and the vote will start from the mid-november. Nova Roma will then have Its Designati.

Like last winter, the current elections are already a bit deceiving. On a first point, we see that, like in 2759, there are not enough candidates. Not only enough to allow a fair and open struggle between all, but also no good wills enough to fill up all the positions.

This is, for the second consecutive year, the proof that Nova Roma public life does not attract any more people enough, and that our citizenry is not big enough to feed, automatically, our offices.

On a second point, we also state that a few candidates do not make, on their name, and beyond any political consideration, the consensus on their skills and "size" to fit the function.

On a last point, we may also see that several candidates, even the more respectable ones, have decided to jump over normal steps of the cursus honorum. Yes, Nova Roma allow them to do it. But what about our old cursus honorum?

Nova Roma thus seems having fallen in a vicious circle : as there are not enough candidates, people feel allowed to go faster, sometimes to change things, though. But doing this, they also decrease the value of our magistracies and do not let the time to the most recent citizens to learn quietly, thanks their advices, on romanity and public affairs, etc..

One of the wise measures could be, as sailors do in rough weather, to "reduce the sail" and decrease the number of a few offices, whose necessity is tiny and which would increase at the same time the aura of the others. We could thus lower the number of our tribunes from five to three, think on lowering the number of our quaestors or appoint some of them to several magistrates at a time, reduce the access to the curule functions adopting the ancient cursus honorum, etc.. <p>November may also be the month of a senatorial session, which will particularly examine the reports sent by the provincial governors after a year in office. I have the honor sending this 27 October Gallia's report, that I have written, to our consuls. Unless the Senators will have read it, this annual report will not be available inside Nova Roma. However, an exception has been made for Galli citizens, for this report can be consulted in this provincial site. I however rely on you not to dispatch it, in any form, inside Nova Roma fora, before the Senate session.

Last, November will be the month when the English version of the September-October issue QUIRINUS, our QUIRITES-partener webzine, will be published. This is the fourth issue of this newsletter, already come out in French , and which several members of Gallia are contributing to.

P. Memmius Albucius

Gallia and its territorial organization
Quirites French
association web site
Quirites is a close partner in France for Provincia Gallia.
Quirinus, the Quirites webzine
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Magna Mater temple, we may rebuild it.
Blog Apollonius
The "Blog Apollonius" is a blog created by S. Apollonius Scipio, former governor and now praefectus of Gallia. It is one of the musts of the world Archeological information on Roman and Ancient times.
Three generations of French citizens.

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