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Gallia's flag

Novaroman provincia of GALLIA is in Western Europe and covers the territory of current states of France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Netherlands.

You may consult Gallia's site or parts of it - if already available! -
in French, Dutch and Latin, just by clicking on one of the words corresponding to the following current national flags/versions (France, Netherlands, Nova Roma):


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CIV-Publius Memmius Albucius.jpg

Publius Memmius Albucius

(Leg. pp.)
Epistola OCTOBRIS 2760 legati pro praetore

Salvete Galli!

October will see the launching of one of the big affairs of the year : the annual elections. Their call, by the consuls for the curule magistracies and by the tribunes for the plebeian ones, will probably be made in the middle of the month.

In October, I have the pleasure to see that Gallia's citizenry is wider than hoped : we are 24 registered Galli, from the North sea till the Mediterranean sea. Our fresher and younger civis is Sextus Flavius Licinus, living in the Eastern France, not far from Luxemburg and Germany.

Our Flavius has been given a registration number (our "citizen number") which is over 11150. It is then interesting, and a bit terrifying to state that more than 11.000 people have joined, but have left Nova Roma! How to keep every fresh good willing citizen among us ? No doubt that the future candidates to the offices of consuls, praetors and tribunes, which have the legal power to make laws, must, along with the Senate, pay much attention to the matter.

This month, the Rugby World Cup, that have been played in France with a few plays in Wales and Scotland, will end. Those among us who like latin will be able to read a few articles on this Certamen in the coming QUIRINUS issue (September one, deplaced in October because of this special event). Other interesting articles will be available in this Quirites association's publication.

This reading will probably help us to forget how deceived we were not having the possibility welcoming Consul T. Galerius Paulinus in this end of September. The members of our government have been convoked, D. Octavia Aventina told her special avaibility, the restaurants and visits were booked or organized, but our consul did not come and did not send us any information, either in a way or in another.

But let us cheer on and go on our way, Galli! Disappointments may occur ; Gallia, in and thanks all its parts, still lives !

P. Memmius Albucius

Gallia and its territorial organization
Quirites French
association web site
Quirites is a close partner in France for Provincia Gallia.
Quirinus, the Quirites webzine
Let us protect the Royal eagle, symbol of Rome!
Magna Mater temple, we may rebuild it.
Blog Apollonius
The "Blog Apollonius" is a blog created by S. Apollonius Scipio, former governor and now praefectus of Gallia. It is one of the musts of the world Archeological information on Roman and Ancient times.
Three generations of French citizens.

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