Provincia Lacus Magni - Second Festival 2002 (Nova Roma)

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Drusila Cooking the Lunch
Propraetor M. Bianchius Antonius & Scriba Propraetoris O. Bianchia Crispiana
Procurator G. Modius Athanasius & Legata P. Fabia Drusila
Night shot of the Columbus Victory Arch (really the old train station enterance). This is located across the street from Nationwide Arena where the Columbus Blue Jackets play hockey. We went there the evening of the Lacus Magni Gathering to get some pictures of the arch and to eat at Buca di Beppo, an Italian Eatery just down the street.
Close up of the Column Caps
Close up of some reliefs on the arch
Statue of Minerva with spear set up on table during the event
Statue of Minerva with spear set up on table during the event
Bust of Minerva overlooks the table with Roman related items
The Roman style luncheon prepared by Drusila, Crispiana and Lavinia ready for the feasting. Everyone agreed it was great!
Everyone digs in!
Continued Feasting!
G. Modius Athanasius, M. Octavius Germanicus & M. Bianchius Antonius
O. Bianchia Crispiana, P. Fabia Drusila & Bianchia Lavinia
Some of the gens Bianchia
Laurel Presentation after the Oratory Contest. Notice everyone won!
Senator M. Octavius Germanicus plays G. Modius Athanasius in chess. Athanasius wins this contest and goes on to meet M. Bianchius Antonius (who beat Bianchia Lavinia to advance) in the final match. After a grueling battle, Antonius takes pity on Athanasius and lets him win the match......OK, thats not quite right. Lets try this again: After a grueling battle, Athanasius is victorious over Antonius. A rematch is planned.

A big thanks to M. Bianchius Antonius, for suppling the photos and the captions, and to Prima Fabia Drusila, for the food, and for everyone to attended.

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