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Overview of Nova Roma publications
Welcome to the portal page of Nova Roma publications
Writings in Roma Antiqua

One of the most important inventions in the shape of books was developed by the Romans. The earliest books were written on rolls - a long, continuous scroll of papyrus sheets attached together. The text of the book was written in columns and the reader rolled the scroll to get to each new page. These rolls were stored on shelves or in boxes or baskets.

Around the 1st century AD, the Romans made books similar to the ones we read today. They used rectangular sheets of parchment or papyrus folded in the center and sewn together. This form of book was called a codex. They were easier to read because you could move quickly to different parts of the book rather than rolling through an entire scroll to get to a section at the end.


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Nova Roma Publications

State official publications

Aquila Nova Roma 
the new blog and online publication.
"Aquila Nova Roma" 
past publications.
"Nova Roma Eagle" 
past publications.

Provincial publications

"Inter Alia" 
From Provincia Britannia.
"Dacia Felix" 
From Provincia Dacia.
"Roman News and Archaeology" 
From Provincia Gallia.
"Commentariola Hispaniae" 
From Provincia Hispania.
"Provincia Hispania Nova Roma" 
From Provincia Hispania.
From Italia.

Other publications

Insight on the Roman military machine! The Pilum is a quarterly webzine publication and the official newsletter of the Sodalitas Militarium of Nova Roma, providing articles, stories and discussions on various aspects of the Roman Military with a special focus on Infantry, Cavalry, Naval, Engineering and Cartography topics.View current and back issues on our site, both in HTML and PDF formats.
"Roman Times Quarterly" 
A Nova Roman private publication providing insight on the very best of ancient Roman life. Have an interesting article or series you would like to share with others on ancient Rome? Send us your works for preview for inclusion in the next issue of the RTQ today! See details on our main page. View current and back issues on our site, both in HTML and PDF formats.
"Columnae Herculis" 
A project of Nova Roma provinces.
Nova Roma publications projects

Wiki projects

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